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International Women’s Day: Advancing Gender Equity in Music Requires Action, Not Just Recognition

StoriesInternational Women's Day: Advancing Gender Equity in Music Requires Action, Not Just Recognition

In honor of International Women’s Day today, Believe and TuneCore are highlighting gender parity in music through their most recent “Be The Change” survey.

This poll, which was conducted among 4,146 members of the music industry, comprising 3,461 creators and 907 professionals (yes, you perceptive math aficionados, some were both), provides the most recent images of the difficulties faced by women and persons who identify as gender non-conforming.

Three out of every five women polled reported having experienced sexual harassment, and one out of every five reported having suffered sexual assault. Accordingly, 72% and 77% did not disclose that event; the primary causes were a lack of confidence that anything would occur as well as a fear of reprisal.

Out of those who shared their stories, 43% of harassed women and 56% of assault survivors claimed their allegations were disregarded or ignored, and 28% and 38% of them, respectively, believed that they had been blacklisted as a result.

The study also highlights a “perception gap” in the public’s understanding of gender inequality and discrimination in the music business. Just 16% of men expressed the same perception that the industry is often discriminatory, compared to 49% of women and 41% of gender-expansive individuals.

The paper, written by Media Research, has a great deal more information. Information on mental health, views on technology, geographical differences, and assessments on the activities that will have a good impact are all presented.

CEO of TuneCore Andreea Gleeson summarized the organization’s findings by saying, “Over the course of the four years that we’ve been conducting Be The Change, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in efforts to raise awareness surrounding gender equity, but not nearly enough action taken to fight against the root causes of discrimination in our industry.”

To genuinely change the situation for all genders in the music industry, awareness-raising alone won’t cut it. We set out to address this issue by offering specific, doable recommendations for this year’s study, which anybody may use to work toward real parity between musicians and professionals of all genders.


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