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Riding the Wave: Four Stocks Surge Alongside Nvidia’s AI Expansion

BusinessRiding the Wave: Four Stocks Surge Alongside Nvidia's AI Expansion

Artificial Intelligence Fueling Growth Beyond Nvidia

The Data Center Boom

Schneider Electric’s Role

  • CEO’s Perspective: Peter Herweck of Schneider Electric highlights the significance of data centers in modern infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Demand: Data centers require extensive power and infrastructure, driving demand for various products.

Schneider Electric’s Growth

  • Business Expansion: Schneider’s data-center business has been growing steadily, contributing significantly to its revenue.
  • Projected Growth: Herweck anticipates double-digit percentage growth in the data-center segment for the coming years.

Beneficiaries of Data-Center Expansion

Competitors’ Advantage

  • Eaton and Vertiv Holdings: Companies like Eaton and Vertiv Holdings also benefit from the data-center boom.
  • Similar Offerings: These companies provide hardware and software essential for data-center operations.

Market Performance

  • Stock Performance: Eaton, Vertiv Holdings, and nVent Electric have shown positive market performance.
  • Growth Potential: The data-center market growth contributes to the overall success of these companies.

Nvidia’s Investment in Next-Gen Technologies

Healthcare Industry Focus

  • Nvidia’s Portfolio: Apart from chip designing, Nvidia’s portfolio includes investments in healthcare companies.
  • Healthcare Innovation: Nano-X Imaging and Recursion Pharmaceuticals are among the notable healthcare stocks in Nvidia’s portfolio.

Nano-X Imaging

  • Innovative Technology: Nano-X’s Nanox.ARC offers advanced radiographic visualization and diagnostics.
  • Commercialization Challenges: Despite promising technology, Nano-X faces challenges in revenue generation and cash flow.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

  • Drug Discovery Collaboration: Nvidia collaborates with Recursion Pharmaceuticals to accelerate drug discovery using AI.
  • Biological Datasets: Recursion provides biological datasets, complemented by Nvidia’s AI capabilities.

Investment Considerations

Risk Assessment

  • High-Risk Ventures: Both Nano-X Imaging and Recursion Pharmaceuticals represent high-risk investments.
  • Revenue vs. Expenses: Both companies face significant operating expenses compared to revenue generation.
  • Cash Burn Concerns: Cash burn rates and operational expenses raise concerns about future financing and dilution.

Investor Caution

  • Potential Dilution: Investors should brace for potential stock offerings and dilution due to high cash burn rates.
  • Suitability for Investors: High-risk investments like Nano-X and Recursion may not be suitable for all investors.


Investing in companies like Nano-X Imaging and Recursion Pharmaceuticals offers potential high rewards but comes with significant risks. While Nvidia’s endorsement provides credibility, investors should carefully assess their risk tolerance before considering these stocks.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute financial advice. Investors should conduct thorough research and consult with financial advisors before making investment decisions.

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