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Blues’ Twitter Backlash: Taylor Swift Wish Sparks Midwest Sports Rivalry Firestorm

EntertainmentBlues' Twitter Backlash: Taylor Swift Wish Sparks Midwest Sports Rivalry Firestorm

St. Louis sports fans expressed outrage and disappointment after the Blues’ Twitter account sent out a tweet wishing luck to the Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift ahead of Super Bowl 58. The seemingly innocuous gesture ignited a firestorm of reactions from fans, highlighting the intensity of sports rivalries in the Midwest.

The Controversial Tweet

In the lead-up to Super Bowl 58, set to feature the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers, the St. Louis Blues decided to extend their well wishes to the Chiefs and Taylor Swift via a tweet. The tweet, seemingly harmless at first glance, caused an uproar among St. Louis sports enthusiasts.

Understanding Midwest Sports Rivalries

To comprehend the magnitude of the controversy, one must grasp the significance of sports rivalries in the Midwest. St. Louis and Kansas City, two major cities in Missouri, have long-standing rivalries across various sports. Moreover, St. Louisans still harbor resentment towards the NFL after losing their beloved Rams to Los Angeles in 2016.

The Emotional Response

Upon seeing the Blues’ tweet supporting their arch-rivals, St. Louis sports fans were quick to express their displeasure. The betrayal felt by fans was palpable, with many taking to social media platforms to voice their frustration and disappointment.

The Rams’ Departure

The wound of losing the Rams to Los Angeles remains fresh in the minds of many St. Louis residents. The departure of the NFL team left a void in the city’s sports landscape, further amplifying the animosity towards the Chiefs, who represent Kansas City’s football pride.

Blues’ Misstep or Master Troll?

Debates ensued regarding the intent behind the Blues’ tweet. Some viewed it as a colossal misstep, while others speculated that it might have been a calculated move to stir controversy and generate buzz. Regardless of the motive, the tweet succeeded in sparking heated discussions among sports fans.

Fans Reaction – Blues’ Twitter Backlash

St. Louis fans flooded social media with reactions, ranging from outrage to disbelief. Many questioned the loyalty of the Blues’ social media team, while others called for a boycott of the team’s games and merchandise. The incident served as a reminder of the deep-rooted emotions tied to sports loyalties in the region.


The fallout from the Blues’ controversial tweet underscores the intense nature of sports rivalries in the Midwest. What began as a simple message of goodwill morphed into a heated debate, highlighting the passion and loyalty of St. Louis sports fans. As Super Bowl 58 approaches, the rift between St. Louis and Kansas City fans serves as a stark reminder of the enduring power of sports allegiances.


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