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Cyber Kidnapping – How a Chinese boy in Utah escaped cyber kidnappers

BlogCyber Kidnapping - How a Chinese boy in Utah escaped cyber kidnappers

A Chinese student in rural Utah was the target of cyber kidnappers, but he escaped uninjured. On December 28, Kai Zhuang, 17, vanished from sight. His Chinese parents had to pay a $80,000 ransom before the authorities could locate him. This is one of the rarest case of Cyber Kidnapping in Utah.

His parents reported his abduction to Riverdale, his host school in Utah. The police were contacted by the school. They discovered him in a tent he had set up about forty kilometers north of Brigham City.

How do Cyber Kidnappers operate?

The act of tricking a victim into hiding and then demanding a ransom from their relatives is known as cyber kidnapping. The victim must email images of themselves in captivity, using tape or ropes. After viewing these photos, the family believes a loved one is in danger. To avoid danger, all parties comply with the kidnappers’ wishes. Despite not being there in person, the “kidnappers” keep an eye on the victim virtually via video-calling services.

How common Cyber Kidnapping is?

The frequency of virtual kidnappings is difficult to estimate because, according to experts, the majority go unreported. They add that technology has increased the likelihood and ease of committing these crimes. Before contacting victims, perpetrators might utilize social media to research and compile information on them, giving them a better understanding of the victim’s background.

How can Cyber Kidnapping be prevented?

According to some experts, there are some steps that people can take to protect themselves from cyber kidnapping. Some of these steps are:

  • Be aware of the problem and know what personal information is public and stay vigilant.
  • Contact a kidnapping and ransom consultant as soon as possible if you are targeted.
  • Try to reach the loved one to verify their location and use specific phrases or keywords that only you know in emergencies.
  • Report the incident to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center or other law enforcement agencies.

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