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Hannah Spearritt Unveils the Reasons Behind Her Absence from S Club 7 Reunion After Paul Cattermole’s Passing

EntertainmentHannah Spearritt Unveils the Reasons Behind Her Absence from S Club 7 Reunion After Paul Cattermole's Passing

Hannah Spearritt’s Response to Rachel Stevens Question

Background on Dancing On Ice Pairings

Hannah Spearritt, known for her role in S Club 7, is set to participate in the 2024 series of Dancing On Ice, partnered with Andy Buchanan. Notably, comedian Lou Sanders, who is paired with professional skater Brendyn Hatfield, is romantically involved with Hannah’s ex-bandmate Rachel Stevens.

Brendyn and Rachel’s Brief Stint in 2022

Hannah Spearritt Unveils Reasons Behind Absence from S Club 7 : Brendyn and Rachel’s relationship began during their joint appearance on the show in 2022. However, their journey ended swiftly as they were eliminated in the third week. The potential for tension arises if Rachel supports Brendyn from the audience.

Source’s Insight on Potential Clash

Hannah Spearritt Unveils Reasons Behind Absence from S Club 7 : A source expressed concerns about a feud between Hannah and Rachel, stating that “Falling on the ice is going to feel warm and painless compared to the cold front that will envelop Dancing On Ice if their paths cross.”

Hannah’s Blunt Response

Hannah Spearritt Unveils Reasons Behind Absence from S Club 7 : During a Lorraine interview, Hannah was asked about seeking advice from Rachel, to which she responded with a straightforward statement: “I’m just focusing on me. I know that sounds so selfish.”

Contacting Representatives for Comment

The Mirror has reached out to representatives of both Hannah and Rachel for comments on the reported tension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hannah Spearritt’s Dancing On Ice Participation

Q1: Why is there tension between Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens on Dancing On Ice?


The reported tension arises from the romantic involvement of comedian Lou Sanders, paired with Brendyn Hatfield, who is dating Hannah’s ex-bandmate Rachel Stevens. The potential clash between the former bandmates adds complexity to the situation.

Q2: What did the source say about the feud between Hannah and Rachel?


According to a source, the potential clash between Hannah and Rachel on Dancing On Ice is anticipated to be challenging, with the source expressing concerns about the two being in the studio at the same time during the two-month series.

Q3: Why did Hannah pull out of the S Club 7 reunion tour?


Hannah cited the death of former bandmate Paul Cattermole as a pivotal moment that led her to reflect on her participation in the reunion tour. Additionally, health issues, including a compromised immune system, stress-induced problems, panic attacks, vertigo, and fatigue, played a significant role in her decision to withdraw.

Q4: Is Hannah in touch with her former S Club bandmates?


Hannah claimed she hasn’t been in touch with her former bandmates since leaving the group. She expressed sadness about the situation but insisted that she wishes them all the best.

Q5: Why did Hannah decide to join Dancing On Ice?


Hannah expressed excitement about learning a new skill and mentioned that the opportunity to participate in Dancing On Ice came at a time when her health was improving, thanks to a new treatment. She highlighted the positive impact of the show on her anxiety, emphasizing the need to focus during training.

Q6: How did Hannah’s health contribute to her decision to join Dancing On Ice?


Hannah, who had previously opened up about her struggles with an autoimmune disease, mentioned that her health had been struggling with various symptoms. After undergoing a new treatment that showed positive results, her body was ready for exercise, and participating in Dancing On Ice felt like the right thing to do.

Q7: What is Hannah’s perspective on her autobiography, Facing The Music?


Hannah spoke about the challenges of writing her autobiography, Facing The Music, which was released in October. She mentioned that it was tough to revisit certain aspects of her life, especially considering the timing, as it came before the S Club 7 reunion tour and unforeseen events that impacted her emotionally. Despite the difficulties, she chose not to give up on the challenge, emphasizing the importance of perseverance.

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