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AMD’s Bid for Open Source HDMI 2.1 Driver Denied by HDMI Forum

TechnologyAMD's Bid for Open Source HDMI 2.1 Driver Denied by HDMI Forum

HDMI Forum Rejects AMD’s Proposal for HDMI 2.1 Support

The HDMI Forum’s decision leaves Linux users unable to access key features.

Background of the Issue

  1. AMD’s Efforts: The conflict arose when the HDMI Forum rejected AMD’s proposal to support its open-source Linux graphics driver.
  2. Restricted Access: The HDMI Forum made the decision to restrict public access to HDMI 2.1 specifications, limiting the ability of AMD and Linux users to leverage certain features.

Failed Attempts at Resolution

  1. Long-Standing Issue: The problem dates back to January 2021 when public access to HDMI 2.1 specifications was denied.
  2. Ongoing Efforts: AMD and the X.Org Foundation attempted to find a solution with the HDMI Forum, but all efforts were unsuccessful.

Implications for Users

  1. Limitations for Linux Users: Without HDMI 2.1 support, Linux users are unable to utilize features like 4K@120Hz or 5K@240Hz via HDMI connections.
  2. Alternative Connectivity: Users may need to rely on DisplayPort connectivity as an alternative until a resolution is found.

Future Outlook

  1. Potential Solutions: While AMD may explore alternative solutions, the rejection from the HDMI Forum presents a significant setback.
  2. Consideration for AMD: After investing time and resources into the failed objective, AMD may need to reassess its approach to addressing the issue.


The rejection of AMD’s proposal by the HDMI Forum highlights the challenges faced by Linux users in accessing HDMI 2.1 features. Until a resolution is reached, users may need to explore alternative connectivity options such as Display

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