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Dr Pepper Has Launches a New Flavor Hitting Shelves Now

BusinessDr Pepper Has Launches a New Flavor Hitting Shelves Now

Dr Pepper’s new “Creamy Coconut” soda is bringing pride and joy to Utah, where coconut-flavored soda is, informally, the state’s signature drink.

The big picture: “Dirty” sodas — originally cola mixed with coconut syrup — are widely considered a Utah innovation, spawning an array of soda shop chains that mix flavors in enough elaborate concoctions to support Stanley’s entire cup production line.

Driving the news: Dr Pepper announced the new, limited-release flavor Tuesday, with regular and diet options.

Zoom in: Coconut is key to Utahns’ enthusiasm, with diet cola and sugar-free coconut syrup earning extra affection here.

Cherry cola is, of course, a flavor pairing that long predates Utah’s coconut craze.
What they’re saying: “Huge day for Utah,” Method Communications’ executive Tyler Monson posted on X.

Reality check: Coca-Cola briefly released a coconut-infused variety in its “Creations” line last year.

Yes, but: It’s now out of production, the company’s website states.
Context: Flavor-mixed sodas are a good fit in a market where the dominant religion eschews coffee, tea and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Dr Pepper also is selling a coconut-lime “dirty soda creamer” in partnership with Coffee Mate.

Warm weather is finally gracing us with its presence, which means many brands have officially declared it summer season. We’ve barely had a chance to enjoy springtime, yet if you’ve checked out the grocery store lately, it might as well already be Memorial Day weekend.

And what better way to celebrate the sunshine than with a nice, ice-cold soda? Typically, we’re all for the refreshing 23 flavors of a crisp Dr Pepper. But, this summer, we’re excited to enjoy a new Dr Pepper with 24 flavors and spices on those hot days.

With its latest creation, Dr Pepper seems to be drawing inspiration from the rise of dirty soda, the viral phenomenon of adding creamer (typically heavy cream and coconut-flavored syrup) to your favorite pop.

Last month, the soda brand teamed up with Coffee mate to release a special Dirty Soda creamer meant to pair specifically with Dr Pepper. All you had to do was add the Coconut Lime-flavored creamer to your sweet and spicy soda, and you had an easy dirty soda—without having to hit the drive-thru or buy extra ingredients.

Now, Dr Pepper is taking the innovation one step further by essentially bottling the dirty soda essence in its new Creamy Coconut flavor. Nothing says “summer vacation” quite like coconut, right?

Dr Pepper Launches Creamy Coconut Flavor

Dr Pepper’s limited-time Creamy Coconut and Creamy Coconut Zero Sugar sodas add a layer of tropical toasted coconut and creamy finish to the unique Dr Pepper flavor.
It’s not a true dirty soda since, no, there isn’t any cream in the actual can. However, the creamy finish and sweet, coconutty flavor are what give it a similar vibe.

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