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Fans Roast NBA Insider’s Failed Attempt at Shaquille O’Neal Roast with Charles Barkley Impression

BlogFans Roast NBA Insider's Failed Attempt at Shaquille O'Neal Roast with Charles Barkley Impression

Charles Barkley’s Epic Roast and Chris Haynes’ Attempt


During the broadcast of the 2024 NBA All-Star Game, Charles Barkley delivered a memorable roast to Draymond Green, earning laughter and praise from fans. However, when NBA insider Chris Haynes attempted to replicate the joke with Shaquille O’Neal, it fell flat, leading to mockery from viewers.

Charles Barkley’s Roast

During the 2024 NBA All-Star Game broadcast, Charles Barkley delivered a classic comeback to Draymond Green. When Green asked Barkley who was inquiring about him, Barkley responded with a simple, “Nobody.” The witty delivery and perfect timing of the joke earned Barkley admiration from fans and showcased his comedic prowess.

Chris Haynes’ Attempt

Chris Haynes, an NBA insider for TNT, attempted to recreate Barkley’s joke during pregame coverage of the LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors matchup. Addressing Shaquille O’Neal, Haynes asked, “You know who just asked about you, Shaq?” to which O’Neal replied, “Who?” Haynes then delivered the punchline, “Nobody.” However, the execution lacked Barkley’s finesse, resulting in a lukewarm response from O’Neal and viewers.

Fan Reactions

Fans quickly took to social media to mock Haynes’ failed attempt at replicating Barkley’s joke. Many commented on the nervous delivery and criticized Haynes for borrowing a joke from Barkley without adding any originality. Some fans even questioned Haynes’ choice to deliver the joke to one of the most beloved NBA players of all time, Shaquille O’Neal, highlighting the awkwardness of the moment.

Shaq’s Comeback

Despite Haynes’ failed attempt, Shaquille O’Neal remained composed and delivered a clever comeback of his own. In response to the joke, O’Neal jokingly warned Haynes that he would soon be working for ESPN Deportes, showcasing his quick wit and ability to turn the tables on his co-host.


Charles Barkley’s roast of Draymond Green demonstrated the power of comedic timing and delivery, earning praise from fans and setting a high bar for NBA humor. While Chris Haynes attempted to replicate Barkley’s success with Shaquille O’Neal, his execution fell short, leading to mockery from viewers. Despite the misstep, Shaq’s witty comeback added humor to the situation, highlighting the unpredictable nature of live television broadcasts and the importance of being quick on one’s feet.

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