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Franklin County’s Precautionary Pause: Tornado Siren Test Suspended Amid Severe Weather Concerns

TechnologyFranklin County's Precautionary Pause: Tornado Siren Test Suspended Amid Severe Weather Concerns

Franklin County Cancels Weekly Tornado Siren Test Wednesday

Weather Alert: Possible Severe Weather Threat

The Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security agency has announced the cancellation of the weekly test of its outdoor warning siren system scheduled for noon Wednesday due to the forecast of possible severe weather.

Slight Risk for Severe Weather

“Franklin County and central Ohio are at a Slight Risk for severe weather (Tuesday and Wednesday),” the agency stated on their official page. “Due to the threat of severe weather and to avoid confusion, FCEM&HS will suspend the noon test of the Outdoor Warning Siren System (Wednesday), February 28, 2024.”

Understanding Franklin County’s Tornado Warning System

The county’s tornado warning system comprises 198 outdoor sirens located across Franklin County. These sirens play a crucial role in alerting residents when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for the area. Upon activation, the sirens emit a three-minute sound followed by seven minutes of silence, repeating this sequence until the warning is lifted.

Purpose of Weekly Tests

The system undergoes a weekly test every Wednesday at noon to ensure its functionality and readiness. However, in instances of potential severe weather, such tests are suspended to prevent public confusion.

Preparing for Severe Weather

With the threat of severe weather looming, the decision to cancel the scheduled tornado siren test underscores the county’s commitment to public safety. Residents are urged to stay informed about weather updates and heed any warnings issued by local authorities.

Potential Weather Hazards

A cold front is forecasted to approach the region, bringing with it the possibility of showers and strong-to-severe thunderstorms. The anticipated weather conditions pose risks of damaging winds, hail, and the potential for tornadoes.

Stay Informed

In the event of hearing sirens in Franklin County, residents are advised to seek immediate shelter and tune into reliable local news sources, such as ABC 6/FOX 28, for the latest weather updates and safety instructions.

Tornado Warning Activation

Should the sirens be activated, it indicates that the National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for the area. Prompt action and adherence to safety protocols are vital during such alerts.

By prioritizing proactive measures and effective communication, Franklin County aims to enhance community resilience and safeguard lives during severe weather events.

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