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Kristen Wiig Gets Her ‘Five-Timers’in ‘SNL’s Jacket from Ryan Gosling .

AutoKristen Wiig Gets Her ‘Five-Timers’in 'SNL's Jacket from Ryan Gosling .

It was a big night for Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live as she joined the Five-Timers Club. However, she was welcomed into the elite group by a bunch of mostly Non-Five-Timers Club members.

Former SNL cast member Kristen Wiig joined the show’s “five-timers club” on Saturday, with her monologue featuring appearances by a number of other former hosts, some of whom haven’t had that gig five times but wore jackets of their own nonetheless.

Wiig, whose most recent Saturday Night Live appearance was in December during fellow SNL alum Kate McKinnon‘s monologue, didn’t make it far into her monologue before Paul Rudd–a legitimate five-timer–called out from the audience.

When Wiig informed him that there was no club-related sketch planned for later in the show, Rudd seemed dejected and slunk back into his chair. But he would soon return.

In the meantime, Wiig heard from Matt Damon, who was wearing a ‘five-timers’ jacket despite having hosted just twice. Lorne Michaels, Damon explained, “said the first time I hosted, it counted for three.”

Moments later, after Wiig wondered if the jacket still has any meaning, Michaels himself appeared at the edge of the stage along with Fred Armisen, Jon Hamm, Will Forte, and Martin Short–all gloating over their unearned jackets. Forte explained that, altogether, they had five hosting gigs under the belt. Hamm and Short then pleaded with the SNL creator to grant them future hosting duties.

Rudd, thrilled by the theme of Wiig’s monologue, couldn’t contain himself. “Aw, sweet! So we are doing a five-timers sketch!”

But for Wiig, the occasion now “doesn’t seem all that special”–especially since Damon was then handed another jacket for his 2018 portrayal of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Damon’s attempt to boost Wiig’s mood by telling her she was youngest and first female member of the club didn’t land, either, since he was wrong on both counts.

“First French woman?” he tried again.

“I’m not a French woman,” Wiig replied bluntly.

As the six male hosts joined Wiig on stage and went into song, Forte spotted someone else of note off to the right. “Oh my God! Is that Ryan Gosling?!”

Gosling, who will host SNL for the third time next week, was trying on his own jacket next to Michaels while holding Wiig’s. He then went up to her and helped her put it on.

Wiig is the second host to join SNL‘s five-timers club this season. Emma Stone did so in December.

The actress and comedian kicked off her monologue, saying, “I am so happy to be back, and I am so excited because it is my fifth time hosting. So I’m officially in the Five-Timers Club!”

She then took a moment to acknowledge the sketch comedy show’s band, but shortly after, that’s when the celebrity cameos started, beginning with Paul Rudd, who previously joined the club in 2021.

“I also heard a rumor that you might be doing one of those five-timer sketches featuring awesome celebrity cameos,” Rudd said after popping up in the Studio 8H audience. “So, is there like a script or something I could look at for that?” But unfortunately, Wiig informed the actor that she wasn’t planning on doing one of those skits.

However, that didn’t necessarily seem true as the celebrity appearances continued, next with Matt Damon who stood up in the audience wearing a Five-Timers jacket, although he has only hosted SNL twice.

“Well, first off, big fan. I just want you to know I grew up watching you on SNL,” the actor jokingly told Wiig before she questioned why he was wearing a jacket. “Lorne [Michaels] said the first time I hosted was so good, it accounted for three, and then the second time not quite as good, that only counted for two,” Damon added. “But by my math, that’s five, baby.”

Wiig noted that it “doesn’t really seem fair,” as she earned the jacket by actually hosting five times. She proceeded to ask the SNL creator, “Doesn’t this jacket have any meaning anymore?”

The camera then cut to Michaels standing with Jon Hamm, Martin Short, Fred Armisen and Will Forte, all wearing Five-Timers Club jackets. Wiig asked why they were getting jackets if “none of you have even hosted five times.”

“But together, we hosted five times,” Forte explained before Rudd jumped in, quipping, “Sweet, so we are doing a five-timer sketch.”

Wiig looking disappointed, asked, “What is going on here? I mean, I was really excited about being in the Five-Timers Club, but now it just seems like, I don’t know, it’s not even that special.”

Later during the monologue, after Wiig was serenaded by her fellow actors, Ryan Gosling — who is set to host the comedy show next week — made a guest appearance wearing a jacket, even though he is also not in the elite club. When the Barbie star double-checked with Michaels if he was OK to be wearing the premature Five-Timers jacket, the SNL creator signaled for him not to worry about it.
Hollywood actor-comedian Kristen Wiig, known for her roles in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Wonder Woman 1984, among others, has achieved a remarkable feat.
She has been announced as the latest member of Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) exclusive Five-Timers Club.
This achievement places her alongside esteemed personalities like Christopher Walken, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fey who have all hosted the show at least five times.
The announcement was made ahead of this weekend’s episod

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