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Proposed Legislation in Missouri Seeks to Allow Divorce During Pregnancy, Challenging Current State Law

AutoProposed Legislation in Missouri Seeks to Allow Divorce During Pregnancy, Challenging Current State Law

Title: Reforming Divorce Laws in Missouri: Examining the Proposal to Allow Divorce During Pregnancy


Missouri State Representative Ashley Aune (D) recently introduced a bill aiming to amend the state’s divorce laws to allow divorce proceedings while a woman is pregnant, a practice currently prohibited by state law. This move has sparked debates and discussions regarding the necessity and implications of such a change.

Understanding the Current Law

  • Restrictions on Divorce During Pregnancy: Missouri’s existing statute dictates that judges cannot finalize a divorce if a woman is pregnant. This regulation aims to address concerns related to child custody and child support, delaying divorce proceedings until after childbirth.
  • Impact on Victims of Domestic Violence: Representative Aune’s motivation to propose this bill stems from concerns raised by victims of domestic violence, particularly instances of reproductive coercion. Victims find themselves trapped in abusive relationships, unable to legally pursue divorce due to pregnancy.

The Proposal for Reform

  • Addressing Reproductive Coercion: Representative Aune emphasizes the prevalence of reproductive coercion in abusive relationships, where partners manipulate contraception and pregnancy to control their victims. Allowing divorce during pregnancy would provide an escape route for victims trapped in such situations.
  • Outdated Language and Stigma: The current law employs outdated language like preventing “the bastardization of a child,” which contributes to stigmatizing pregnant women seeking divorce. The proposed reform aims to modernize language and remove barriers for women seeking to end abusive marriages.

Support and Opposition

  • Support from Advocacy Groups: Organizations like the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence endorse the proposed legislation, recognizing its potential to empower victims and potentially save lives by offering a legal recourse for those experiencing reproductive coercion.
  • Concerns and Criticisms: While proponents argue for the necessity of reform to protect victims of abuse, critics express concerns about potential misuse of the law and its impact on child custody and support arrangements.

Legislative Process and Future Outlook

  • Current Status: The bill, designated as HB 2402, has undergone initial hearings and garnered bipartisan support from legislators like Representative Richard Brown, Representative Jeff Farnan, and Representative Sherri Gallick.
  • Upcoming Challenges: Despite bipartisan backing, the bill faces challenges in navigating the legislative process, including potential amendments and opposition from conservative lawmakers.


The proposal to allow divorce during pregnancy in Missouri reflects a critical effort to address the complex dynamics of domestic violence and reproductive coercion. While proponents advocate for empowering victims and modernizing outdated laws, the reform initiative is likely to encounter opposition and scrutiny as it progresses through the legislative process. The outcome will shape the legal landscape surrounding divorce and domestic violence in Missouri, influencing the lives of countless individuals affected by these issues.

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