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Rock Legends Rally Behind Foreigner’s Rock Hall of Fame Nomination in Mark Ronson

AutoRock Legends Rally Behind Foreigner's Rock Hall of Fame Nomination in Mark Ronson

Foreigner’s Rock Hall of Fame Nomination: A Long-Awaited Recognition

Lou Gramm’s Gratitude and Acknowledgement

Lou Gramm, the original frontman of Foreigner, recently released a video expressing his gratitude for the band’s nomination for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. In this one-minute clip shared on social media, the 73-year-old singer thanked the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for the honor of the nomination. He also acknowledged Mick Jones, the lead guitarist and sole remaining original member of Foreigner, for his courage in facing Parkinson’s disease. Gramm expressed appreciation for the support from friends in the music and acting industries, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the nomination announcement.

A Sentimental Tribute

Gramm also took a moment to honor Ian McDonald and Ed Gagliardi, vital contributing members of the early Foreigner. Despite their passing, Gramm believes they would be celebrating this nomination from the “hereafter.”

Star-Studded Support: Mark Ronson’s Campaign Video

Mark Ronson, the Oscar-nominated producer and stepson of Mick Jones, spearheaded a campaign video featuring several prominent musicians and Foreigner fans. Dave Grohl, Jack Black, Slash, Chad Smith, and Josh Homme joined Ronson to advocate for Foreigner’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

A Powerful Endorsement

Each celebrity shared their admiration for Foreigner and emphasized the band’s undeniable impact on rock music. Dave Grohl praised Foreigner’s influence on his own musical career, while Jack Black passionately sang excerpts from their hit song “I Want To Know What Love Is.” The consensus among the advocates was clear: Foreigner belongs in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Ronson’s Personal Connection

Mark Ronson shared a personal reflection on his admiration for Foreigner’s music. He credited his desire to become a record producer to the experiences he had while witnessing Foreigner create their iconic sound in the studio. Ronson highlighted the band’s significant contributions to rock music and expressed disbelief that this was their first time on the ballot for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, despite over 20 years of eligibility.

A Legacy of Influence

Ronson also underscored Foreigner’s enduring legacy, noting their status as the most played band on classic rock radio to not yet be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. He highlighted their widespread influence, from being featured in popular television shows and films to being sampled by contemporary artists.

A Long-Awaited Recognition

Foreigner’s nomination for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame comes after years of anticipation from fans and supporters. Lou Gramm’s heartfelt message and Mark Ronson’s star-studded campaign have reignited enthusiasm for Foreigner’s music and legacy. As fans eagerly await the induction decision, one thing is clear: Foreigner’s impact on rock music deserves to be celebrated and recognized on the prestigious stage of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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