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Solange’s Chic Minimalism: Elevating Denim to Front-Row Fashion

BlogSolange's Chic Minimalism: Elevating Denim to Front-Row Fashion

Solange’s Effortless Style at Gucci Show

A Refreshing Departure from Fashion Month’s Peacocking

It’s Fashion Month, which means the streets of New York, London, currently Milan, and Paris are overrun with editors, stylists, and—yes—even influencers trying to carve out a space for themselves by putting on their most distinct outfits. It’s a parade of peacocking, one I happen to appreciate for its participants’ bold and unabashed embrace of true personal style. But it’s also why Solange’s laid-back attire at Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway show today hit me like a gust of fresh air.

Solange’s Relaxed Elegance

The artist—always one to subvert expectations—arrived at the venue in the Italian fashion capital looking unflappably cool in a baggy black nylon windbreaker zipped up to just below her collarbone and tucked into the season’s trendiest denim: a pair of boxy wide-leg jeans. The pants featured a slouchy high-rise fit, crisp dark wash, and tiny side-split hems, and pooled over Solange’s glossy black pumps, which matched her black Jackie bag.

The Details in Simplicity

She topped off the understated uniform with some black and silver accents, including thick-rimmed rectangular sunglasses, a black belt bearing the house’s double-G logo, a chunky silver interlocking chain necklace, and metallic G stud earrings.

Solange’s Creative Journey Beyond Fashion

Besides fashion, Solange opened up about exploring different avenues of creativity for Harper’s Bazaar’s March 2024 cover story. Of her passion for glassblowing, she said, “The lessons I learned with this material—it’s constantly evolving. The moment you become still, it’s over. … You have to surrender yourself to the song and dance of this material. So much of my life has been about control and needing to control my own story. Through glassblowing, I had to surrender to this other material’s story.”

The tangibility of glass is what attracts her to the craft, she said. As she explained, “So much of what I’m being pulled by now is making sure that there is physical evidence of my legacy, making sure that I have tangible objects and history that people can hold in their hands as an embodiment of who I am and how I showed up in the world.”

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