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Tragic Family Incident: Indian-Origin Techie Linked to US Murder-Suicide

AutoTragic Family Incident: Indian-Origin Techie Linked to US Murder-Suicide

Indian-Origin Techie Identified in US Family Murder-Suicide

Tragic Incident Unfolds: Indian-Origin Family Found Dead in California

In a devastating turn of events, an Indian-origin techie, Anand Sujith Henry, is suspected of being involved in a tragic murder-suicide case in California, United States. The incident, which shook the community, resulted in the deaths of Anand, his wife Alice Priyanka, and their four-year-old twin sons Noah and Neithan. The family was discovered lifeless in their home in San Mateo, California, sparking a wave of shock and grief among friends and relatives.

Details of the Incident

Anand Henry, aged 42, his wife Alice Priyanka, aged 40, and their twin sons were found dead with gunshot wounds inside their residence. The tragic discovery was made when authorities conducted a welfare check on the family’s home following concerns raised by acquaintances who were unable to reach them over the weekend. Upon entering the house, law enforcement officers found the couple’s lifeless bodies in the bathroom, while the bodies of the twin boys were found in a bedroom. A 9mm handgun, registered to Anand Henry, was recovered from the bathroom floor, leading investigators to suspect him as the perpetrator of the crime.

Family Background and Professional Life

The Henry family, originally from Kerala, India, had been residing in the United States for the past nine years. Anand, a former employee of Meta, and Alice, a senior analyst, were well-regarded members of their respective professional fields. Despite previous reports of a divorce filing by Anand in 2016, the couple remained together, raising their twin sons in California.

Investigation and Community Response

Law enforcement authorities have yet to determine the motive behind the tragic murder-suicide. However, they have ruled out any history of violence at the family’s residence, with the only prior police involvement being a call regarding a mountain lion sighting in the vicinity. The community, reeling from the shock of the incident, has come together to mourn the loss of the Henry family and seek answers regarding the circumstances leading to their untimely demise.

Domestic Violence and Mental Health Awareness

As investigations into the tragedy continue, authorities are urging the community to avail themselves of domestic violence and mental health resources. The Henry family’s heartbreaking fate serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of seeking help and support in times of distress. While the incident cannot be undone, efforts are underway to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future by raising awareness and providing assistance to those in need.


The Henry family’s tragic end has sent shockwaves through the Indian-American community and beyond. As friends, relatives, and acquaintances grapple with grief and disbelief, authorities are working diligently to uncover the truth behind the disturbing chain of events. While the investigation unfolds, the memory of Anand, Alice, Noah, and Neithan will be cherished, and their lives celebrated as a testament to the bonds of family and the fragility of human existence.

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