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Tyson Fury Reveals the List of Opponents He Wants to Fight Next.

SportsTyson Fury Reveals the List of Opponents He Wants to Fight Next.

The stage is set for Tyson Fury to obtain perhaps the most coveted title in the boxing world. If he beats Oleksandr Usyk on May 18, he will become the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis in 1999. Like everybody else in boxing, he seems confident about producing a win, but he is making headlines today for revealing his plans after that fight!

After going through the rigmarole, things took an intriguing turn when Fury fielded questions from Sky Sports regarding his intentions after Usyk.

And mapped out an extraordinary plan to fight at least ten more times against seven different opponents.

But despite calling out superstars AJ and Usyk, he laughed off the thought of fighting 19-year-old sensation Moses Itauma.

Fury, 35, told TNT Sports: “Shall I just name the ten? I’ll do Usyk, Usyk, I’ll do AJ, AJ if he don’t get beat in the meantime, that’s four.

“Then I might chuck a Dubois in if he’s back up there, which he is at the moment or a Joe Joyce.
As for the final opponent, Tyson Fury seemed to have run out of names, so he suggested he could run it back with the first. “Who would be the tenth? Probably do like a trilogy with Usyk or something, afterwards,” said Fury. Speaking to reporters during the presser, Tyson Fury took shots at Oleksandr Usyk, saying, “You can beat the average big ones, but you can’t beat the elite big ones.” It’s worth mentioning that Usyk has defeated Anthony Joshua twice, who is considered one of the elites in heavyweight boxing. Despite that, Fury said, “Size is what really matters, and we have weight divisions for a The Ukrainian undefeated boxer is the former undisputed champion in the cruiserweight division, hoping to do the same in heavyweight. So Fury warned Usyk, saying, “This is my time, my destiny, my era, and my generation. Facts.” Later in the interview, Fury explained, “If Tyson Fury can’t beat Usyk, Tyson Fury no good… That’s your red line.”

With the undisputed clash getting ever closer, Tyson Fury seems to be getting even more confident about his win. However, whether he delivers on his promise to fight the boxers he said he would is yet to be seen. Do you think Fury will fight again if he wins? Or, more importantly, will he fight if he loses?

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