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Baldur’s Gate 3: Quietly Nerfed One Of The Game’s Cheesiest Weapons

EntertainmentBaldur's Gate 3: Quietly Nerfed One Of The Game's Cheesiest Weapons

Baldur’s Gate 3 has plenty of bosses :

That can be cheesed via various methods, whether that be putting something horrible in their pockets before a fight, or peppering them with arrows and critical hits.

One of the more popular methods includes a weapon called Twist of Fortune, which deals damage to an enemy based on how much money they have on their person thanks to the Blood Money perk.

It was thoroughly abused, and it looks like developer Larian has finally had enough.

Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit :

Reddit user Specialist-Spite shared the story on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit, in which their regular Twist of Fortune antics were severely punished by a new update that Larian appears to have quietly rolled out over the past few days (thanks GamesRadar).

Having given Shadowheart the Twist of Fortune weapon, Specialist-Spite ended up losing over 13,000 gold due to a seemingly new change to the Blood Money perk. Beware, we’re heading into spoiler territory for Act 3.

With Shadowheart brandishing the Twist of Fortune, the player mistakenly goes into the Self-Same Trial of Shar, a fight that has you taking on clones of your party members.

Shadowheart’s clone runs up and whacks the player, instantly obliterating them due to the 13,000 gold on their person. Specialist-Spite was absolutely fine with the outcome, until they checked their purse to find their gold now missing.

It seems like a small change was made to Blood Money with Baldur’s Gate 3’s latest patch, one that now makes the Twist of Fortune consume any gold on the person that is hit.

It was obviously done to stop people from reverse pickpocketing gold onto enemies, whacking them with the Twist of Fortune, and then reclaiming their gold to do it all over again, but unfortunately nobody told Specialist-Spite before they and their gold were evaporated.

While we can no longer beat bosses to a pulp with just one swing and a massive sack of gold, it’s nice that Larian hasn’t gotten rid of the cheese method completely.

You can still reverse pickpocket 10,000 gold onto someone and blow them up if they’re causing you trouble, but just be aware that you’ll now have to pay a pretty heavy price if you want to do so.

Hey, if you want the power of a nuke, it feels appropriate that Baldur’s Gate 3 robs you blind for the privilege.

Jaheira actor Tracy Wiles

She has started her Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough, streaming her progress on Twitch. I’ve only caught her first stream, which centred around building her character with the help of fans in chat, but it was great fun.

Of course, we’re all waiting for the moment she meets herself in-game, but until then, it was great to see Wiles experience the game, especially as she meets the characters played by her co-stars.

However, anyone hoping to catch up on her adventure on her YouTube channel is out of luck. The site has removed her video and suspended her channel, and no one knows why.

The funniest theory going is that it’s because she kept saying “sphincter” – but as any player knows, that’s just what the doors are called in the tutorial. So, if this really is the reason behind the ban, then she’s being punished for something that’s in the game itself.

YouTube eventually responded, intending to leave a message in two tweets. However, it only sent one tweet, and just… forgot to send the next part, I suppose.

“Upon careful review, we’ve confirmed that your channel was suspended for violating Google’s Terms of Service,” says YouTube support. “While it didn’t violate any YouTube channel monetization policies, it’s linked to a Google acct that has an issue.”

Since we never got the second part of that message, we have no idea what caused the channel’s ban, and why it kicked in shortly after Wiles shared a VOD of her Baldur’s Gate 3 stream.

In any case, her Twitch channel is still up, if you’re hoping to tune in to her next Baldur’s Gate session.

Many over actors in the game are making their way through Faerûn too, also streaming their efforts. Of all the playthroughs, we have to give a shout-out to Devora Wilde, who did what few of us have the heart to do – raid the grove with the goblins.

She was rewarded with a… spicy scene with Minthara, and her reaction was priceless.

Hopefully, Wiles’ playthrough will be viewable on YouTube again soon. There’s been no update from YouTube since the last, incomplete tweet, but with any luck, they’ll make their peace with the word “sphincter” – or whatever triggered the ban in the first place.

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