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China’s Railway Network: Rail service to boost exchanges between China, Vietnam

EducationChina’s Railway Network: Rail service to boost exchanges between China, Vietnam

China’s Railway Network: The Fangchenggang-Dongxing Railway, linking Dongxing to Fangchenggang in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. It stretches 47 kilometers and has a designed speed of 200 km per hour. It reduces the travel time between the cities from 90 to 20 minutes.

A new railway line connecting Dongxing city at the China-Vietnam border to China’s railway network opened to traffic on Wednesday. And is expected to boost trade and tourism in the border area and strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

As Dongxing’s first railway, the line is expected to boost tourism, trade, personnel and economic exchanges between China and Southeast Asia.

Zhao Quan, director of the customer service center of China Railway Nanning Group, outlined plans for the initial phase of operations, with six daily passenger trains scheduled.

Travel times from Dongxing to Guangxi’s Beihai and the capital city of Nanning are now as fast as 19 and 73 minutes, respectively, with future adjustments to be tailored to passenger numbers, Zhao said.

Dongxing Joins China’s Railway Network: A Boost for Regional Connectivity

Dongxing Joins China’s Railway Network: A Boost for Regional Connectivity

The southwestern Chinese cities of Fangchenggang and Dongxing are on the brink of a transformative moment as the new Fangdong Railway. It set to commence operations on Wednesday, will connect them. This development, announced by a state railway operator on Tuesday. It integrates Dongxing on the China-Vietnam border into China’s national railway network, marking a significant stride in enhancing transportation and fostering economic ties between the neighboring countries.

Boosting Economic and Transportation Ties

This integration is more than just a railway connection—it’s a bridge to new opportunities. As Dongxing finds its spot on the railway map of China, it opens up avenues for increased economic activity and cultural exchange, strengthening the bond between China and Vietnam.

Railway: The Catalyst for Growth

For Dongxing, this integration into the railway network is akin to unlocking a door to growth. The city, positioned strategically on the China-Vietnam border, is set to become a bustling hub of commerce and travel.

The railway network stands as a testament to China’s infrastructural prowess and commitment to regional connectivity, likely giving a boost to Dongxing’s local economy.

A Step Towards a Connected Future

The railway network integration signifies China’s ongoing pursuit of a connected future, in which transportation becomes a cornerstone of economic development and international relations.


The integration of Dongxing into China’s national railway network through the Fangdong Railway underscores the importance of infrastructure in driving economic growth, enhancing international relations, and fostering regional connectivity.

As the trains start rolling on Wednesday, it heralds a new era of opportunities for Dongxing and the region.


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