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Shark attack in South Australia: Person seriously injured

EducationShark attack in South Australia: Person seriously injured

Shark attack in South Australia: South Australia Police said emergency services rushed to Ethel Beach near Innes National Park, nearly 300km away from Adelaide, after a shark attack about 1.30pm on Thursday.

A person has been seriously injured after a shark attack in South Australia’s south west.

It is the fifth shark attack in South Australia this year.
In November, a 32-year-old woman suffered face and scalp injuries after a suspected shark attack at Port Noarlunga jetty.
A 55-year-old surfer, Todd, is believed to have been killed by a shark off Granites Beach near Streaky Bay.

His body was never recovered but a part of his board and wetsuit were found.

A 64-year-old woman, Pam Cook, survived being bitten while swimming at Beachport.
Simon Bacanello’s body was never found after the teacher was attacked while surfing off the state’s west coast in May.

South Australia’s Ethel Beach Scene of Grave Shark Attack

Shark attack in South Australia

Increased Shark Attacks on South Australia’s Coastline

This latest attack is part of a string of shark encounters that have plagued the South Australian coast this year, marking it as the fifth in 2023. It closely follows two other attacks over the Christmas period in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The severity of these encounters should not be underestimated, as two have already resulted in fatalities. The victims were believed to have been killed while surfing at Walkers Rock near Ellison and at Streaky Bay, with a 4-meter great white suspected in one of the attacks.

Authorities Respond to the Recent Shark Attacks

There have been calls for enhanced measures to protect swimmers, including the implementation of a shark tracking and surveillance program.

In response to this alarming trend, South Australian authorities have increased aerial patrols along the beach.Proposals have also been made to subsidize shark deterrent devices for swimmers, an indication of the seriousness of the situation.

Public Vigilance Urged Amidst Rising Shark-Related Incidents

The rapid response by emergency services to today’s attack is a stark reminder that the threat of shark attacks is real. The community is encouraged to join the conversation and stay informed about these incidents, as public safety remains a priority.

In light of these recent incidents, the public is reminded of the inherent dangers present in ocean waters, particularly in regions known for shark activity. Vigilance is paramount when swimming in these areas.

Several shark attacks over the Christmas period

On Christmas Day, a teenage surfer was bitten by a shark at about 4.30pm while surfing at Old Bar on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. The bite was almost deadly as it was just a few centimetres from the young male’s femoral artery.

If confirmed, this would be the fifth shark attack in South Australia in 2023 and comes just days after two other Aussies were bitten by sharks in NSW and WA over Christmas.

The man, who was holidaying with his family, was left with more than 20 puncture wounds and had to race 2.5 kilometres back to shore with his injury.

A day earlier, on Christmas Eve, a 46-year-old father was bitten by a shark on his ankle off Wedge Island, WA after falling off his board and “straight into” its mouth.


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