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Erika Ayers Badan’s Departure from Barstool Sports: A New Chapter

BlogErika Ayers Badan's Departure from Barstool Sports: A New Chapter


Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Ayers Badan, has officially confirmed her departure from the sports media company. This announcement follows reports first made by The New York Post on Monday night. In a nearly three-minute video posted on X (formerly Twitter) on January 16, Ayers Badan expressed sentiments about stepping down but also highlighted her pride in the company’s achievements during her tenure.

Key Points

1. Confirmation of Departure:

2. Reflecting on the Journey:

  • Ayers Badan expressed mixed feelings about stepping down but conveyed immense gratitude for the journey.
  • She reminisced about the “wild run” and stated that what Barstool became exceeded her wildest expectations.

3. Achievements and Growth:

  • Erika Ayers Badan played a pivotal role in Barstool’s growth, contributing to a 5,000% increase in revenue over eight years.
  • The company experienced significant milestones, including its acquisition by The Chernin Group and later, its sale to PENN Entertainment for $500 million.

4. Completion of Goals:

  • Ayers Badan indicated that she felt her work at Barstool was complete, having achieved everything she envisioned and aimed for.

5. Acknowledgment of Dave Portnoy:

  • Erika Ayers Badan acknowledged Barstool founder Dave Portnoy, expressing confidence in his leadership to steer the company forward.
  • Portnoy responded, emphasizing Ayers Badan’s unique fit for the role and their successful collaboration.

6. Future Plans:

  • While Ayers Badan is leaving her role as CEO, she mentioned ongoing support for Portnoy and expressed uncertainty about her next venture.
  • Despite not having a clear plan, she affirmed her commitment to assisting Portnoy for as long as needed.

7. Impressive Resume:


Erika Ayers Badan’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter for Barstool Sports. As the company undergoes this leadership transition, the industry awaits news on Ayers Badan’s next endeavors, recognizing her impactful contributions to Barstool’s growth and success.

FAQs: Erika Ayers Badan’s Departure from Barstool Sports

Q1: Is it true that Erika Ayers Badan is stepping down as the CEO of Barstool Sports?

A: Yes, Erika Ayers Badan has officially confirmed her departure from the role of CEO at Barstool Sports. The news was initially reported by The New York Post and later verified by Ayers Badan herself through a video announcement on X.

Q2: What were Erika Ayers Badan’s sentiments about leaving Barstool Sports?

A: In her video announcement, Ayers Badan expressed mixed feelings, describing herself as “super sad” about stepping down. However, she also conveyed immense pride in what Barstool had achieved during her tenure, stating that the company’s growth exceeded her wildest expectations.

Q3: What role did Erika Ayers Badan play in Barstool Sports’ growth?

A: Ayers Badan played a crucial role in steering Barstool Sports through significant growth, contributing to a remarkable 5,000% increase in revenue over eight years. Her leadership was instrumental in the company’s acquisition by The Chernin Group and its subsequent sale to PENN Entertainment for $500 million.

Q4: Why is Erika Ayers Badan leaving her position as CEO?

A: Ayers Badan mentioned that she feels her work at Barstool is done, having achieved everything she set out to accomplish. She reflected on the company’s major sales and growth, stating that she believes Barstool is back where it should be, and she is ready for a new chapter.

Q5: What did Erika Ayers Badan say about Dave Portnoy in her announcement?

A: Ayers Badan expressed confidence in Dave Portnoy’s leadership, calling him the right person to make Barstool a “pirate ship.” She emphasized her trust in Portnoy and assured that he would continue to guide the company effectively.

Q6: Is Erika Ayers Badan completely stepping away from Barstool Sports?

A: While she is stepping down as CEO, Ayers Badan mentioned that she plans to continue supporting Dave Portnoy for as long as he needs her. She also indicated uncertainty about her next steps but affirmed her commitment to assisting Portnoy.

Q7: What is Erika Ayers Badan’s professional background beyond Barstool Sports?

A: Erika Ayers Badan has an impressive resume, including roles as a board member for the Premier Lacrosse League and WWE. Her executive experience extends to notable companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL, adding depth to her professional credentials.

Q8: How did Dave Portnoy respond to Erika Ayers Badan’s departure?

A: Dave Portnoy responded to Ayers Badan’s announcement, correcting a detail in her video and expressing appreciation for her contributions. He emphasized that Ayers Badan was the perfect fit for Barstool and credited her with the company’s success.

Q9: What are the immediate implications of Erika Ayers Badan’s departure for Barstool Sports?

A: The departure of Erika Ayers Badan marks a significant leadership change for Barstool Sports. The industry awaits further developments as the company navigates this transition and explores new directions under Dave Portnoy’s continued leadership.


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