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Pennsylvania – Meet The Dog Who Ate $4000 in Cash!

BlogPennsylvania - Meet The Dog Who Ate $4000 in Cash!

“The Pennsylvania goldendoodle named Cecil gained notoriety after devouring the envelope containing funds that his owners had set aside for a contractor.

After a disgusting search of Cecil’s crap and vomit, Clayton and Carrie Law were able to retrieve the most of the torn banknotes; only $450 remained missing.

The couple was reassured by Cecil’s veterinarian that their ravenous cat would be okay.

Early in December, Clayton Law left an envelope containing $4,000 on his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home’s kitchen counter. He had to pay their contractor cash to have a fence installed, as did his wife, Carrie.”

After around thirty minutes, he was horrified to find his best friend eating the most lavish meal imaginable, ripping and strewing cash all over the place.

“Clayton yelled at me, ‘Cecil’s chewing $4,000!'” abruptly. stated Carrie Law during a Pittsburgh City Paper interview. “I couldn’t believe that this was real.” I nearly suffered a heart attack.

Laws referred to Cecil as “a silly guy” in an interview with the Washington Post.

Carrie Law told the newspaper, “He’s very picky – you could leave a steak on the table, and he wouldn’t eat it because he doesn’t care about food.” “But he seems to be concerned with money.”

The couple promptly called Cecil’s veterinarian to see whether he required any medical attention while Cecil dashed to the couch to sleep after his feast. Thankfully, Cecil is a large dog, so they only needed to keep an eye on him at home.

The duo then began an unplanned and challenging puzzle: replacing their torn bills.

Cecil had to spit out the money before they could begin reassembling their puzzle. They then gave the bills a good cleaning.

‘It smelled so bad’

Carrie told the City Paper, “We were at the utility sink.” “It smelled awful.”

The pair attempted to piece by piece tape together the destroyed $50 and $100 bills. To confirm that the banks would accept the bills and replace them with fresh ones, they checked the serial numbers on both sides of the bills.

The bank told the Laws that these kinds of situations occur frequently and accepted the majority of the notes—they were unable to recover $450.



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