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Federal Relief Efforts for 2023 Michigan Storms – NEW UPDATE

StoriesFederal Relief Efforts for 2023 Michigan Storms - NEW UPDATE

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced the distribution of millions of dollars in federal assistance to residents in Michigan counties impacted by devastating storms in 2023. This relief aims to aid those affected by tornadoes, high winds, and flooding that caused significant damage to homes and properties.

Breakdown of FEMA Assistance:

1. Qualifying Households and Distribution:

  • As per FEMA reports, 1,632 households have qualified for federal assistance.
  • $4 million in housing grants have been distributed to affected households.
  • An additional $635,000 has been granted for other disaster-related needs, including medical expenses and personal possessions.

2. Small Business Assistance:

  • Six Small Business Administration loans have been approved, totaling $144,500.

Personal Testimony:

1. Impact on Local Businesses in Michigan:

  • Lucas Stolz, owner of Reds Barber Shop in downtown New Baltimore, reflects on the impact of the flooding on his property, which has been in his family for five generations.
  • Despite purchasing the property just before the flooding occurred, Stolz acknowledges the challenges faced in recovery efforts.

2. Application for Federal Assistance:

  • Stolz shares his experience of submitting an application for federal aid and awaits inspection by FEMA.
  • He highlights the importance of safety and expresses gratitude that there were no injuries resulting from the flooding.

Deadline and Recovery Centers:

1. Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for applications for federal assistance is April 8, 2024.

2. Disaster Recovery Centers:

  • Residents in the Chesterfield or New Baltimore areas can visit the disaster recovery center at the Chesterfield Township Fire Department Central Station for assistance.
  • Additional recovery centers are located throughout Metro Detroit to provide support to affected individuals.

Upcoming Recovery Centers:

1. Wayne County Locations:

2. Macomb County Location:

  • The Chesterfield Township Fire Department Central Station serves as a recovery center for Macomb County residents and remains open until further notice.


The FEMA relief efforts for 2023 Michigan storms signify a crucial step in supporting communities affected by natural disasters. Through financial assistance and recovery centers, impacted households and businesses receive aid to facilitate their recovery process. As individuals continue to navigate the aftermath of the storms, the availability of federal assistance and recovery resources plays a vital role in rebuilding and restoring affected areas.


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