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Legendary Hepcat Vocalist Greg Lee Passes Away at 53

StoriesLegendary Hepcat Vocalist Greg Lee Passes Away at 53

Hepcat, a legendary California trad-ska band, lost vocalist Greg Lee to death. 53 was his age. Today, Amanda Becker, the musician’s partner, posted the news on social media. She revealed on Instagram that Lee had experienced cardiac arrest after a huge brain aneurysm on Sunday, March 17, in their Paramount, California, home. His pulse was restored by first responders, but he was placed on life support in the NICU since he was unable to breathe on his own. In the early hours of Tuesday, March 19, at 1 p.m. PT, a neurologist gave Becker the assurance that he was not in pain.

Becker continued by saying that she is expecting Lee’s fourth child right now and that his mother, two brothers, and sister are all still alive.

“Every song that Gregory composed and recorded, every picture you shot at a scooter rally or Hepcat gig, and every memory you have of him will all carry on his legacy. I am extremely sad for this great loss, to all of his devoted friends and followers,” she added. “There are not nearly enough adjectives to express how amazing, gorgeous, special, and sincere this man is. My dear.”

She went on, “He has used music and travel to touch the lives and hearts of so many people worldwide. Many of us were aided by his songs with Hepcat throughout happy and even sad moments. Many have been moved by him to create, dance, sing, and show love. include me. His distinct abilities and charisma will always be unparalleled. He is genuinely unique.”

Hepcat was created in 1989, drawing more from the 1960s ska first wave than from more modern interpretations of the genre. Their first album, Out of Nowhere, was released in 1993. It wasn’t until their third album, Right on Time, released five years later, that they achieved success with “No Worries” and were invited to participate in Vans Warped Tour. The band has continued to play, albeit sparingly, despite the deaths of guitarist Aaron Owens in 2012 and longtime bassist David Fuentes in 2007.

Gregory Lee 11/3/1970 – 3/19/2024
Hello Everyone,
This is Mandie writing. I am about to share some unbelievable, heartbreaking news. Our dear friend, Gregory Lee, has left his earth body and joined the angels officially as of March 19th at 1pm.
Greg had a massive brain aneurysm followed by cardiac arrest late Sunday, March 17 in our home in Paramount.
I found him on the floor unconscious and not breathing. I immediately called for 911 and the first responders were through the door within moments. They were able to regain his pulse, but he was not able to breathe on his own. He has been on life support in the NICU ever since and has not regained consciousness. The neurologist let us know his case is very rare and that the moment was swift. He did not suffer.
Greg is survived by his 4 children, Elsa, Vivienne, Khaleah, and our currently unnamed baby girl due in September. Also survived by his mother, Janice, his brothers, Michael, Steve, Tony, and sister, Jennifer. His children are his whole world.
Gregory will also live on in every piece of music he wrote and recorded, in every photo and video you took at a Hepcat show or scooter rally, and in every memory you have of him. To all of his loving friends and fans, I am so sorry for this monumental loss.
I do not have nearly enough superlatives to describe this incredible, beautiful, unique, and genuine man. My love.
He has touched the lives and hearts of so many people all around the world through music and travel. His songs with Hepcat helped so many of us in both joyous and even depressing times. He has inspired so many to create, dance, sing, and love. Myself included. His unique talents and presence will forever be unmatched. He is truly one-of-a-kind.
I will share more information as I am able and based on the wishes of his family.
I know you all will keep Gregory in your hearts and minds, play his songs, and raise your glass with respect and tip your brim…
No Worries, friends. No worries.
So Much Love to you all.

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