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Tyler, the Creator Reveals the Ultimate Louis Vuitton Sneaker Creation

StoriesTyler, the Creator Reveals the Ultimate Louis Vuitton Sneaker Creation

It makes sense that since Tyler, The Creator’s Louis Vuitton Sneaker collection was revealed in February, the flowerboys haven’t stopped talking about it. The smooth fusion of Pharrell Williams’s dapperness, Tyler’s whimsically preppy universe, and Louis Vuitton’s iconic design codes is known as Tyler, The Creator x Louis Vuitton. As a result, these gorgeous pieces with elegant Louis Vuitton monograms were created. A maple syrup charm was also added to match the waffle-cone LV handbags.

Tyler, The Creator also makes quite nice Louis Vuitton shoes.

The shoes that lead the way are Tyler, The Creator’s Louis Vuitton Trainers. For one of Tyler’s LV Trainers, the high-end skate shoe is decked up in the collection’s signature Craggy Monogram—basically, Tyler’s own hand-drawn version of Louis Vuitton’s renowned design.

The Craggy monogram, which first surfaced on vintage button-ups and puffy coats, looks amazing on the LV Trainer. The collection’s delectably sweet motifs are continued with the colorful, handmade interpretation of the LV design paired with chocolate brown and vanilla tones on opulent leather uppers.

A combination of chocolate and vanilla colors, together with a semblance of the renowned Damier print, are applied to another LV trainer. Concurrently, there is a single Louis Vuitton sneaker featuring tonal green LV motifs.

The last pieces of Tyler, The Creator x Louis Vuitton footwear are a Waves Derby with hallucinogenic soles, a Dandy Loafer with jagged seams, and leather hotel slippers. Not to be forgotten are the breezy Waffle slide sandals (to complement the other delectable accessories, of course).

Recent in-depth examinations of Tyler’s Louis Vuitton apparel and footwear have piqued fans’ interest more and more. But with Tyler, The Creator x Louis Vuitton set to debut on March 21, the wait is almost over.

Pharrell and Tyler aren’t stopping at just making music together. After the Louis Vuitton collaboration was revealed, the two put their heads together to design the ideal green nail paint.

Before Pharrell was hired, Tyler, The Creator and Louis Vuitton were already romantically involved. For the house’s Fall/Winter 2022 presentation (the one in which Tyler rode a bicycle around the runway), Tyler once wrote a unique music.

As of right now, Tyler, The Creator is the designer of just this particular Louis Vuitton line. Tyler’s most recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton is so amazing that fans think he should be officially appointed to the design team.


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