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Iowa’s Final Opportunity to Assert Independence from Donald Trump

BlogIowa's Final Opportunity to Assert Independence from Donald Trump


As Iowa Republicans head to the polls, this article urges voters to seize the opportunity to assert independence from Donald Trump. It discusses the rare freedom Iowa voters have, emphasizing the usual dependence on party leaders and presidential nominees. The article suggests that today is the voters’ day to break free from traditional constraints and shape the direction of the party.

The Freedom of Iowa Voters To assert independence from Donald Trump

Unusual Independence

The article highlights the unique position of Iowa voters, emphasizing that they have the freedom to choose any candidate without being bound by the influence of an incumbent or a clear presidential nominee, unlike other states where party leaders or ongoing primaries constrain the selection.

Shaping the Rest of the Race

Remind Iowa voters that their choices will have a significant impact on the rest of the race. The article encourages voters to ignore polls, endorsements, and media narratives, emphasizing that Iowans possess a rare privilege to shape the political landscape.

The Current Field of Candidates

Narrowing Field

The article acknowledges that the field of Republican candidates has narrowed, with only three serious contenders for the nomination: Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Nikki Haley. It provides a brief overview of the candidates and their standing in the race.

Encouraging Free Choices

The author urges voters to exercise their freedom and make independent choices. While acknowledging endorsements for DeSantis from state leaders, the article emphasizes that voters are free to choose the candidate they prefer and are not obligated to support Trump.

The Need for a New Leader

The Draining Circus Around Trump

The article criticizes the chaos and negativity surrounding Donald Trump, describing it as draining and bad for the nation’s psyche. It suggests that a new leader for the party could shift attention away from personality-driven politics and focus on a fresh agenda.

Improving Electoral Prospects

Highlighting Joe Biden’s unpopularity, the article argues that a new Republican leader would greatly improve the party’s electoral prospects. It emphasizes the need for a leader who can redirect attention from Biden’s shortcomings and offer a compelling alternative to voters.


The article concludes by encouraging Iowa voters to embrace this opportunity for independence. It suggests that voting against Trump is a vote for change and a chance to give the party a real choice as the primaries progress. The author implores voters to seize the day, recognizing it as a potentially transformative moment that may not come around again soon.

FAQs: Iowa’s Last Chance to assert independence from Donald Trump

Q1: Why is Iowa considered to have a unique opportunity to declare independence in the political landscape?

Iowa is viewed as having a rare and precious moment of freedom for Republican voters. Unlike other states, where voters often find themselves constrained by party leaders or ongoing primaries, Iowa voters have the freedom to choose any candidate without the influence of a clear presidential nominee or incumbent.

Q2: How does the article characterize the usual positions of dependence for voters in the current two-party system?

The article outlines three typical positions of dependence for voters: when the party has a leader (president or nominee), when the party is out of power and leaderless, and when the presidential-selection process is gearing up. In these situations, voters often find themselves bound by the decisions and direction of the party’s leadership.

Q3: Who are the remaining serious contenders for the Republican nomination in Iowa, and how has the field narrowed?

The article identifies three candidates seriously contending for the Republican nomination in Iowa: Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Nikki Haley. It notes that the field has narrowed, emphasizing the need for voters to make informed and independent choices among the remaining contenders.

Q4: Is there an obligation for Iowa voters to support a specific candidate, considering the endorsements for Ron DeSantis?

While acknowledging endorsements for Ron DeSantis from state leaders, the article emphatically states that Iowa voters have no obligation to support any specific candidate. It encourages voters to exercise their freedom and make choices based on their preferences, disregarding external influences.

Q5: What impact does the article suggest a new leader could have on the Republican Party?

The article argues that a new leader for the Republican Party could bring about positive changes. It highlights the draining and negative aspects surrounding Donald Trump, suggesting that a fresh leader could shift attention from personality-driven politics to a more constructive and agenda-focused approach.

Q6: How does the article characterize the current situation surrounding Joe Biden and his popularity?

The article portrays Joe Biden as massively unpopular and weak, citing a 33 percent approval rating and a 39.3 percent average approval versus 56.7 percent disapproval. It suggests that campaigning against Biden with a new face on the national stage would make the election about Biden, an unwinnable proposition for Democrats.

Q7: Why does the article recommend voting against Trump as a vote for independence?

Voting against Trump is seen as a vote for independence because it allows Republican voters to break away from the status quo and influence the direction of the party. The article suggests that such a vote would provide the party with a real choice as the primaries progress and potentially lead to transformative changes.

Q8: How does the article conclude its message to Iowa voters?

The article concludes by urging Iowa voters to seize the unique opportunity for independence. It emphasizes that this day won’t come again for another four or eight years and encourages voters to make choices that align with their preferences, recognizing the potential for transformative change in the political landscape.


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