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Key Chapters and Crucial Questions for CBSE Class 12th English Board Exam 2024

EducationKey Chapters and Crucial Questions for CBSE Class 12th English Board Exam 2024

CBSE 12th English Important Questions 2024

CBSE will be soon conducting its Class 12 English board exam 2024 on February 22 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Since we are just two days away from the exam, it becomes immensely important to focus on chapters and questions that have a high tendency to be asked in the question paper. So, here we have brought to you exactly the same requirements. Find CBSE Class 12 English Important Questions and topics for board exams 2024. These questions have been picked by observing the previous trends, previous year’s question papers, and the current syllabus and sample paper. Similarly, the list of important chapters and topics has been presented to you in reference to the updated marking scheme and question paper pattern laid out by the board.

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CBSE Class 12 English Important Topics and Chapters for Board Exam 2024

Here, are the areas that students should focus on before the examination. Since these topics and chapters have a high chance of appearing in the question paper and since they have a high marks weightage in the paper, they should not be missed by students at any cost. These are the high scoring topics for CBSE Class 12 English Board Exam 2024.

Unseen Passages/Reading Comprehension22 Marks
Creative Writing (Notice Writing, Invitation Writing, Letter Writing, Article/newsletter Writing)18 Marks
Flamingo Prose6 Marks direct question, other several questions
Flamingo Poetry6 Marks direct question, other several questions
Vistas4 Marks direct question, other several questions

Though we have provided you with the list of topics and chapters that should be studied for the exam, it is important to keep in mind that questions from any chapter can be asked in internal choices. Hence, it is better to be prepared for the exam with the complete coverage of the syllabus. So, do not rely on the above-mentioned chapters alone, instead try to read every chapter thoroughly for a high score on the exam.

CBSE Class 12 English Important Questions for Board Exams 2024

Here, a few important questions from all the chapters of CBSE Class 12 English textbooks (Flamingo and Vistas) have been provided to you for reference. These are a few practice questions to get you started with the final mode of preparation and impart what kinds of questions are to be expected in the exam.

Unseen Passage Questions

Here, students will have to read the comprehension passage provided to them and solve the MCQ-type questions that follow. This entire segment is of 22 marks and focuses on checking your reading and understanding abilities.

For Practice: CBSE Class 12 English Unseen Passages for Board Exams 2024

Creative Writing Questions

Under this segment of 18 marks, students will have to showcase their writing skills and language proficiency at the same time. Notice writing, application writing, letter writing, article writing, etc are often and frequently asked in the exam. Hence, students should check the updated format and practise a few related questions. A PDF has been provided below which consists of a few creative writing practice questions.

Download: CBSE Class 12 English Creative Writing Practice Questions for Board Exams 2024

Literature Questions

Questions from all the chapters of Flamingo and Vistas have been provided to you. NCERT exercises are quite important for this segment of the question paper. Students can check the PDF download link attached below for the important questions. Also, check the Revision Notes articles for understanding the meaning of important texts from the chapter.

Important Links:

Important Links for Class 12 English Board Exam 2024

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is conducting the board exams 2024 for classes 10 and 12. The class 10 boards will conclude on March 13, while that of class 12 will end on April 2, 2024. Students appearing in the boards exam can follow the below mentioned preparation strategy for excelling in the Science exam.

Preparation strategy for Chemistry

The unit on Chemical Substances-Nature and Behavior has a weightage of 25 marks. Subject expert Ms Archana from Ajanta Public School, Sector 31 Gurugram says, “The crucial topics from this unit include types of chemical reactions: combination, decomposition, displacement, double displacement and precipitation and balancing chemical equations. The other important topics include properties of metals and non-metals, reactivity series, formation and properties of ionic compounds, chemical reactions of carbon compounds.”

Tips for Biology

Unit 2: World of Living has a weightage of 25 marks and comprises of chapter 5 Life Processes. As per Rhizu Khare, Biology teacher from Ajanta Public School, Sector 31 Gurugram, “Students should know the basic concept of nutrition, respiration, transport and excretion in plants and animals. In the Coordination and control chapter students must emphasize on tropic movements in plants, Control and co-ordination in animals. All the diagrams should be practiced thoroughly from the chapters of Biology.”

“Students must understand the concept of sign conventions to solve important numericals of mirror formula and lens formula. They must learn to find the appropriate power of lens required to correct the eye defect of near and far sightedness,” adds Ms Khare.

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