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Leap Into Savings: Wendy’s Offers Free Food Deal for Leap Day – Here’s How to Claim Yours!

BusinessLeap Into Savings: Wendy's Offers Free Food Deal for Leap Day - Here's How to Claim Yours!

Title: Celebrate Four Years of Wendy’s Breakfast with Sweet Deals on Leap Day


Wendy’s is celebrating four years of serving breakfast with a special treat for its customers. To mark this occasion, Wendy’s is offering a free Cinnabon® Pull-Apart on Leap Day, February 29, and additional deals throughout the first week of March. Read on to learn how you can enjoy these limited-time offers!

Wendy’s Breakfast Anniversary Celebration

Wendy’s is excited to introduce the new Cinnabon® Pull-Apart, a delicious morning indulgence available at participating Wendy’s locations nationwide. This delightful treat is made with warm, buttery dough bites infused with Cinnabon® cinnamon and topped with their signature cream cheese frosting.

Free Cinnabon Pull-Apart on Leap Day

On February 29, customers can kick off their morning with a complimentary Cinnabon Pull-Apart at their local Wendy’s during breakfast hours. This special offer is available to all customers, with no purchase necessary. Simply visit your nearest Wendy’s location and enjoy this sweet treat to celebrate Leap Day!

DashPass by DoorDash Member Breakfast Deal

As part of the celebration, Wendy’s has partnered with DashPass by DoorDash to offer exclusive deals to members. On March 1, DashPass members can enjoy up to $15 off their breakfast order, including at least one Cinnabon Pull-Apart. This offer is a fantastic way to start your day with savings and deliciousness!

A.M. Pull-Apart Party Continues on DoorDash

From March 2 to March 10, DashPass members can continue to enjoy free Cinnabon Pull-Aparts with a minimum purchase of Wendy’s breakfast on DoorDash. This extended offer allows members to indulge in their favorite breakfast items while savoring the irresistible flavors of Cinnabon.

How to Redeem

To claim your free Cinnabon Pull-Apart and take advantage of the Leap Day and DashPass deals, simply visit your nearest Wendy’s restaurant during breakfast hours. You can also place your order online or through the Wendy’s mobile app for added convenience. Remember, these offers are not available on third-party delivery platforms, so be sure to order directly from Wendy’s to enjoy the savings.

About Wendy’s and Cinnabon®

Wendy’s is committed to serving fresh, high-quality breakfast options that satisfy every craving. With the addition of the Cinnabon Pull-Apart to their menu, Wendy’s continues to deliver delicious breakfast choices to its customers nationwide.


Don’t miss out on these exciting deals to celebrate four years of Wendy’s breakfast! Whether you’re craving a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart on Leap Day or looking to save on breakfast with DashPass, Wendy’s has something special for everyone. Visit your local Wendy’s or order online to enjoy these limited-time offers and indulge in the irresistible flavors of Cinnabon.

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