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Mar Galcerán Makes History: Breaking Barriers as Spain Elects First Parliamentarian with Down Syndrome

BlogMar Galcerán Makes History: Breaking Barriers as Spain Elects First Parliamentarian with Down Syndrome


Mar Galcerán, Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down syndrome, broke barriers in politics. Joining the People’s Party at 18, she climbed ranks and secured a seat in May 2023. With a 20-year career, she advocated for inclusive policies and worked with Asindown, supporting families with Down syndrome. Galcerán’s historic role follows Ángela Bachiller’s lead in local politics. This achievement resonates globally, emphasizing inclusivity and societal change. Down syndrome, the most common genetic disability, affects around 13,000 Australians, with a birth rate of one in 1,100. Celebrating progress, Galcerán urges society to recognize individuals beyond their disabilities.

Breaking Barriers in Spanish Politics

Mar Galcerán has achieved historic success as Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down syndrome, marking a milestone in representation.

Political Journey

Galcerán, a member of the conservative People’s Party since 18, climbed the party ranks. In May 2023, she secured a spot in the regional parliament.

Advocacy for Inclusion

With a career spanning over two decades, Galcerán focused on policies for inclusive practices for people with intellectual disabilities.

Paving the Way

Galcerán’s triumph follows Ángela Bachiller’s lead, who became Spain’s first city councillor with Down syndrome in Valladolid in 2013.

Global Impact

Galcerán’s accomplishment resonates globally, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and breaking societal barriers.

Down Syndrome Statistics

Down syndrome is the most common genetic disability, affecting about 13,000 people in Australia, with a birth rate of one in every 1,100 births.

Vision for Inclusive Society

While celebrating progress, Parliamentarian with Down Syndrome emphasizes the need for society to recognize individuals for their abilities beyond disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Mar Galcerán’s Historic Election

1. Who is Mar Galcerán, and what historic milestone has she achieved?

  • Mar Galcerán is a 45-year-old politician who recently made history by becoming Europe’s first parliamentarian with Down syndrome. She secured a seat in the Corts Valencianes, the regional parliament of Valencia, Spain.

2. Which political party does Mar Galcerán belong to?

  • Mar Galcerán, associated with Spain’s conservative People’s Party, has been involved in politics since the age of 18 and has steadily climbed the ranks within the party.

3. When and how did Mar Galcerán’s election take place?

  • In May, the People’s Party added Mar Galcerán to its list of candidates for regional elections in Valencia, Spain. She officially took office as a regional parliamentarian in September of the same year.

4. Is Mar Galcerán the first person with Down syndrome to be elected to a regional or national parliament in Europe?

  • Mar Galcerán has achieved a groundbreaking milestone, becoming the first person with Down syndrome to be elected to a regional or national parliament in Europe, according to Spain’s Down syndrome federation.

5. Are there other individuals with Down syndrome in politics?

  • Yes, Mar Galcerán joins a select group of individuals with Down syndrome who have ventured into politics. Notable examples include Éléonore Laloux in France, who became a city council member in 2020, and Fintan Bray in Ireland, elected to a political position in 2022.

6. What has been Mar Galcerán’s career background and focus?

  • Mar Galcerán spent over two decades as a civil servant, with a particular focus on inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities. She also worked for four years at Asindown, an organization supporting children with Down syndrome.

7. How has the public reacted to Mar Galcerán’s election on social media?

  • Mar Galcerán acknowledges a mixed reaction on social media, with both support and skepticism. She emphasizes the importance of being seen as an individual beyond her disability and highlights that some critics may not be familiar with her background.

8. Are there other instances of individuals with Down syndrome breaking into politics?

  • Yes, Mar Galcerán follows in the footsteps of Ángela Bachiller, who became Spain’s first city councillor with Down syndrome in Valladolid in 2013. The inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome in politics is considered a significant step forward.

9. What is Mar Galcerán’s vision for her political role?

  • Mar Galcerán aims to break down barriers for people with disabilities and contribute to a more inclusive society. Despite facing skepticism, she urges people to see her as a person, emphasizing her capabilities beyond her disability.

10. How does Mar Galcerán’s achievement contribute to the broader theme of inclusion?

  • Mar Galcerán’s election is viewed as a significant step forward in real inclusion. It symbolizes progress in breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, demonstrating the potential of individuals with Down syndrome to actively participate in political life.


Historic Triumph

Mar Galcerán’s recent election as Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down syndrome is a historic milestone, signifying a significant breakthrough in the landscape of political representation.

Journey of Dedication

From joining the conservative People’s Party at the age of 18 to working her way up through the party ranks, Galcerán’s journey reflects unwavering dedication to political engagement.

Inclusive Policies and Contributions

Galcerán’s extensive civil service career, spanning over two decades, has been marked by a focus on developing policies for inclusion. Her contributions also extend to organizations supporting children with Down syndrome, such as Asindown.

Global Implications

The broader implications of Galcerán’s election extend beyond Spain, making her the first person with Down syndrome in a Spanish regional parliament and potentially the first in Europe, contributing to a global conversation on inclusivity.

Challenges Faced

Despite the celebratory nature of her achievement, Galcerán faces challenges, including online negativity and misconceptions about her capabilities, emphasizing the need for societal change.

Call for Individual Recognition

Galcerán’s plea to be seen as an individual beyond her disability underscores the importance of recognizing the unique capabilities and contributions of individuals with Down syndrome.

Trailblazing Legacy

Galcerán’s story, coupled with the achievements of Ángela Bachiller in Spanish politics, contributes to breaking down barriers for individuals with disabilities, paving the way for a more inclusive political landscape.

Hope for an Inclusive Future

As society continues to recognize the capabilities of individuals with Down syndrome, Galcerán’s journey serves as a symbol of hope and inspiration for a more inclusive and diverse political future. In essence, Mar Galcerán’s triumph transcends personal success, becoming a beacon of progress and advocacy for inclusivity in political spheres.


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