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NCW Chief Slams US Writer David Josef Volodzko for Calling India Unsafe

StoriesNCW Chief Slams US Writer David Josef Volodzko for Calling India Unsafe

National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Rekha Sharma has strongly criticized a US-based writer, David Josef Volodzko, for his remarks on social media regarding the safety of women in India, particularly in light of a recent gangrape incident involving a Spanish woman in Dumka, Jharkhand.

Writer’s Allegations and NCW Response

Volodzko took to social media, expressing his concerns about the safety of women in India based on his experiences during his time in the country. He recounted incidents of sexual aggression and harassment, highlighting one particular incident where a stranger woman sought refuge on his bed during a train ride after being harassed by an Indian man. He emphasized that while he loves India, he would not advise his female friends to travel alone due to safety concerns.

In response, NCW chief Rekha Sharma questioned the credibility of Volodzko’s claims, asking whether any of the incidents he mentioned were reported to the police. She criticized him for resorting to social media to defame the entire country without taking concrete actions to address the issue. Sharma emphasized the importance of reporting such incidents to the authorities rather than relying solely on social media platforms.

Outrage Over Gangrape Incident and NCW’s Action

Seven men allegedly gang-raped a Spanish woman traveling with her husband in Dumka, sparking controversy. The couple, touring South Asia on a motorcycle, had set up a tent in the forest of Kunji Basti when the attack occurred. The assailants not only raped the woman but also assaulted her husband before fleeing with their belongings. The couple shared their ordeal on social media, drawing widespread shock and condemnation.

In response to the incident, the NCW condemned the gangrape and called for swift action from the authorities. A letter was sent to the Director General of Police (DGP) urging expedited investigation into the matter to ensure justice for the victims.

Need for Concrete Action and Community Cooperation

While the incident has sparked outrage and renewed discussions about women’s safety in India, it also highlights the importance of addressing such issues through concrete actions and cooperation between authorities and the community. The NCW’s condemnation underscores the commitment to combatting violence against women and ensuring their safety and security in the country.

Awareness and Prevention Efforts

Efforts to raise awareness about women’s safety and prevent incidents of violence are essential. This includes education campaigns, community outreach programs, and ensuring swift and effective response mechanisms to reports of harassment and assault. By promoting a culture of respect and accountability, society can work towards creating safer environments for all individuals.

Global Perspective and Collaboration

Incidents of violence against women are not unique to India and are a global concern. It is essential for countries to work together, share best practices, and collaborate on initiatives to address gender-based violence comprehensively. International cooperation and solidarity are crucial in combating this pervasive issue and ensuring the protection and rights of women worldwide.

In conclusion, while criticisms and concerns about women’s safety in India are valid, it is imperative to address them constructively and collaboratively. By working together, authorities, communities, and individuals can strive towards creating a society where all women can live free from fear and violence. The NCW’s response to the recent gangrape incident underscores the importance of accountability and action in addressing such atrocities and ensuring justice for the victims.


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