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RTA Route Adjustments and Service Changes in Dayton, Ohio

StoriesRTA Route Adjustments and Service Changes in Dayton, Ohio

The Greater Dayton RTA has announced several route adjustments and service changes, effective as of Sunday, Feb. 25. These adjustments are part of the transit agency’s ongoing efforts to meet the evolving needs of its customers, community, and businesses.


Route 12:

Route 12 will now include service along Free Pike and E. Main Street between OH-49 and Olive Road. This adjustment aims to enhance accessibility and connectivity for passengers traveling along this route.

Route 18:

Northbound Route 18 will now service W. Schantz Avenue from S. Dixie Avenue to S. Patterson Boulevard. This modification is designed to optimize the route’s efficiency and improve service coverage in the designated areas.

Minor Service Changes:

In addition to the route adjustments mentioned above, minor service changes have been implemented on the following routes:

  • Routes 2, 7, 12, 16, 18, 22, and 43 are currently experiencing minor service changes. While the nature of these changes may vary, they are intended to enhance overall service reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Purpose of Changes:

The Greater Dayton RTA emphasizes that route adjustments and service changes are common occurrences within the public transit system. These adjustments are made in response to various factors, including customer feedback, community needs, and evolving business requirements. By regularly evaluating and adapting its routes and services, the RTA aims to provide optimal transportation solutions for residents and visitors of Dayton, Ohio.

As the Greater Dayton RTA implements route adjustments and minor service changes, passengers are encouraged to stay informed about updates relevant to their travel plans. By remaining aware of these adjustments, passengers can ensure smoother and more efficient commuting experiences. The RTA remains committed to delivering reliable and accessible public transportation services while continuing to address the evolving needs of the Dayton community.


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