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Toyota Recalls 280,000 Vehicles Over Neutral ‘Creep Forward’ Issue

BusinessToyota Recalls 280,000 Vehicles Over Neutral 'Creep Forward' Issue

Title: Toyota Recalls 280,000 Vehicles Over Transmission Issue


Toyota has announced a recall of approximately 280,000 vehicles due to concerns regarding a transmission issue. This recall impacts specific models, including the Toyota Tundra pickups and Sequoia SUVs, as well as the Lexus LX 600 SUVs. The issue involves certain parts of the transmission not disengaging immediately when the vehicle is shifted to neutral, potentially causing the vehicle to move forward at low speeds. This article provides an in-depth look at the recall and its implications.

Understanding the Issue

H2: Transmission Problem Overview

The recall is prompted by concerns that certain parts of the vehicles’ automatic transmissions may not disengage promptly when shifted into neutral. As a result, engine power could be transferred to the wheels, causing the vehicle to creep forward at low speeds, particularly on flat surfaces. Toyota has emphasized that this issue poses an increased risk of accidents, prompting the need for immediate action.

H3: Impact on Vehicle Safety

The failure of the transmission to disengage properly raises significant safety concerns. The possibility of a vehicle moving forward unexpectedly, even when in neutral, can lead to accidents and collisions, especially in situations where drivers may not anticipate such movement. Toyota has acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and is taking steps to address it promptly to ensure the safety of its customers and other road users.

H4: Recall Scope and Models Affected

The recall covers various Toyota and Lexus models manufactured between specific years. Specifically, it includes certain Toyota Tundra pickups, Lexus LX 600 SUVs from the 2022 and 2023 model years, as well as 2023 and 2024 Toyota Sequoia SUVs. Owners of these vehicles are urged to take immediate action to address the transmission issue and prevent potential safety hazards on the road.

Toyota’s Response and Resolution

H2: Free Software Updates

In response to the transmission issue, Toyota has announced that it will provide free software updates for affected vehicles. These updates aim to address the underlying problem with the transmission system, ensuring that the disengagement occurs promptly and effectively when the vehicle is shifted into neutral. By offering these updates at no cost to customers, Toyota is demonstrating its commitment to resolving the issue efficiently.

H3: Communication with Customers

Toyota is proactively reaching out to owners of the recalled vehicles to inform them of the necessary steps to take. Through various communication channels, including direct notifications and online resources, the company is ensuring that customers are aware of the recall and understand how to proceed. Timely and transparent communication is essential to facilitate a smooth recall process and minimize inconvenience for affected vehicle owners.

H4: Timeline for Resolution

Owners of the recalled vehicles can expect to receive notifications by late April regarding the software updates for their transmissions. Toyota is working diligently to implement these updates promptly, ensuring that affected vehicles are brought into compliance with safety standards. By adhering to the specified timeline, Toyota aims to mitigate any potential risks associated with the transmission issue and provide peace of mind to its customers.


The recall of 280,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles underscores the importance of addressing safety concerns promptly and effectively. By identifying and rectifying issues with the transmission system, Toyota is prioritizing the safety and well-being of its customers. Through free software updates and clear communication, the company is working to resolve the issue efficiently and minimize disruptions for affected vehicle owners. As the recall process progresses, Toyota remains committed to upholding its reputation for quality and reliability in the automotive industry.

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