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Tragedy Unfolds: Gunfire Erupts at Perry High School in Iowa, Suspected Shooter Deceased, Authorities Report

EducationTragedy Unfolds: Gunfire Erupts at Perry High School in Iowa, Suspected Shooter Deceased, Authorities Report

Tragic Gunfire Erupts at Perry High School Shooting Incident in Iowa


Gunfire Erupts at Perry High School : In a devastating turn of events, Perry, Iowa, witnessed a shocking incident at its high school on Thursday. Multiple individuals were shot early in the morning, marking the students’ return to classes after the annual winter break. This unsettling occurrence unfolded just before the school day was set to commence, resulting in two gunshot victims being rushed to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines.

Suspected Shooter and Law Enforcement Response

The suspected shooter, tragically, succumbed to what investigators believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Law enforcement officials, remaining anonymous due to the ongoing investigation, relayed this information to The Associated Press. The shooting took place amidst the backdrop of the Iowa caucuses, coincidentally close to where Republican presidential candidates were campaigning.

Timeline of Events

  • Gunfire Erupts at Perry High School incident was reported at 7:37 a.m., prompting a swift response from law enforcement.
  • Officers arrived seven minutes later, discovering multiple individuals with injuries.
  • The exact number and condition of the victims remain unconfirmed at this point.

Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitnesses at the scene provide harrowing accounts of the incident. Zander Shelley, a 15-year-old student, narrowly escaped harm by hiding in a classroom. Similarly, Rachael Kares, an 18-year-old senior, described the chaos as gunshots rang out during jazz band practice.

Personal Experiences

  • Zander Shelley was grazed twice by gunfire and sought refuge in a classroom.
  • Rachael Kares and her bandmates fled upon hearing four gunshots, guided by their teacher to safety.

Community Impact

Gunfire Erupts at Perry High School The Perry Community School District, with its 1,785 students, is grappling with the aftermath of this tragic event. The town of Perry, known for its diversity, is home to a significant Hispanic population, constituting 31% of residents.

Response and Ongoing Investigation

  • FBI agents from the Omaha-Des Moines office are aiding the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation in the ongoing probe.
  • Perry’s mayor, Dirk Cavanaugh, cautioned against speculative numbers, emphasizing the need for confirmed details.
  • Concerned parents, like Erica Jolliff, anxiously await information about the safety of their children.

Distressed Parents

  • Erica Jolliff, worried about her children’s safety, seeks information about her son Amir, a sixth grader.
  • Jasmine Augustine recounts the chaotic scene at the high school and her urgent departure from the area.


As the community grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, questions linger about the motive and impact on the tight-knit town of Perry. Authorities, along with the support of federal agencies, continue their efforts to piece together the details of this heartbreaking incident.

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