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Unveiling the Mundane: A Review of “New Model Agency”

StoriesUnveiling the Mundane: A Review of "New Model Agency"

“New Model Agency,” a documentary produced by Channel 4 in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, endeavors to showcase the endeavors of the Zebedee talent agency, which represents models with unique physical features such as vitiligo and alopecia. While the documentary champions diversity and inclusivity, its execution falls short, resulting in a lackluster viewing experience.

Beauty Beyond Conventional Norms: A Glimmer of Hope

The documentary sheds light on the commendable efforts of the Zebedee talent agency in challenging conventional beauty standards. Models like Shem, Jasroop, and Tia, who defy industry norms with their distinctive features, offer a glimpse into a more inclusive future where diversity is celebrated.

The Banality of Commercial Interests

Despite its noble intentions, “New Model Agency” struggles to captivate its audience. The partnership with Marks & Spencer, a commercial retailer, raises questions about the documentary’s authenticity and commercial agenda. The focus on mundane shoots and uninspired dialogues dampens the documentary’s potential impact.

Jasroop: A Beacon of Authenticity

Amidst the monotony, Jasroop emerges as a compelling figure, offering moments of authenticity and candidness. Her reluctance to conform to industry expectations and her unapologetic demeanor injects much-needed vitality into an otherwise mundane narrative.

Rankin’s Prize: A Bittersweet Triumph

The documentary culminates in Tia winning a photoshoot with renowned photographer Rankin, symbolizing a triumph for diversity and inclusivity. However, Rankin’s remark about Tia’s resemblance to a traditional model underscores the commercial undertones of the industry, detracting from the documentary’s message of empowerment.

Mundanity Amidst Potential

“New Model Agency” holds promise in its exploration of non-traditional beauty standards but falls short in its execution. Despite glimpses of authenticity and moments of triumph, the documentary fails to transcend its commercial constraints, leaving viewers longing for a more engaging narrative.

A Reflection of an Industry in Transition

While “New Model Agency” highlights the strides made towards inclusivity in the fashion industry, it also serves as a reminder of the inherent challenges and commercial pressures that accompany such endeavors. As the industry grapples with notions of diversity and representation, documentaries like these provide valuable insights into its ongoing evolution.


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