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EastEnders star Diane Parish: Diane Parish addresses Jack and Denise future after betrayal

EntertainmentEastEnders star Diane Parish: Diane Parish addresses Jack and Denise future after betrayal

EastEnders star Diane Parish: The closing moments of Thursday’s visit to Walford saw Jack share a passionate kiss with Stacey Slater, following months of problems with Denise.

EastEnders star Diane Parish has addressed her character Denise Fox’s future with husband Jack Branning after tonight’s episode (December 14).

It had previously been confirmed that Jack and Denise would be hit by another infidelity over the Christmas period.

Upcoming scenes will see Denise learn that Jack has been unfaithful, leaving her with some big decisions to make about their marriage.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media at a recent EastEnders press event, Diane said: “It’s total betrayal. It’s total betrayal, not just from Jack, but from somebody that Denise considered as a friend.

“Out of all the people in the Square, Denise has had a lot of beef but she has never had beef with Stacey. And has never had any problems with her. She was very supportive about the whole thing with Lily’s baby. And everything like that, so it’s like literally the rug being pulled completely from under her.

“I think Denise has been wracked with guilt over what happened with Ravi. And has been working so hard to get that back. I think if he’d said, ‘Look, I picked up some girl. It was a one-night thing’, she’d have been like, ‘Okay’. But no.”

Addressing whether Denise could learn to forgive Jack eventually, Diane added: “I think maybe. Based on the kind of relationships that Denise has had in the past. All the angst and issues that they’ve had as a family. Myself, Scott, Ellie and Frankie all joke and call ourselves the ‘dysfunctionals’ because we’ve so much going on.

“But I think that you do get those fractured families that just keep on making it back somehow. And so maybe there is a way back. I don’t know. I would like to think that there’s a way back for them as a family. Because what I’ve loved about this family is you’ve got everything in there.

“We’re diverse, we’re a middle-aged couple that have been through it all but work through it all. The mix of our families in terms of Patrick and his relationship with Jack has been lovely to watch. And also Tameka [Empson] has this very special relationship with Scott [Maslen] which is very entertaining to watch.

“I think that they are an important family in the fabric of the UK. In terms of what that represents with diversity, age, mental health and making it through. I think it’s important.”

Viewers know that Denise is also part of ‘The Six’ story alongside Stacey, Suki, Sharon, Kathy and Linda . It involves a mysterious death of one of the Walford men.

On the back of this, Diane was responsible for setting up a WhatsApp group. So that the women could discuss the plot in more detail off-screen.

“It’s called ‘The Six’. I started it to moan about something”, she said. “And then we started sharing pictures of puppies and cats and live things like that.

“But it’s been very useful, because it’s been a journey from January to where we are now.

“It’s been a real journey of events, photoshoots, promos, and then when we got stuck in. It was a real bonding experience that was just like no other that I’ve never experienced on this show before, or on anything I’ve done before, to be honest.”

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