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Theory Explores Himawari Uzumaki’s Potential Connection to the Goddess of the Sun in Boruto

EntertainmentTheory Explores Himawari Uzumaki's Potential Connection to the Goddess of the Sun in Boruto

Following the release of chapter 8 spoilers for Boruto: Two Blue Vortex online, fans have been talking about Himawari Uzumaki. As anticipated, there will be a lot of Jura-centric content in the next episode. Along with this, the teasers revealed an intriguing exchange between Mitsuki and Eida.

The spoilers state that a very brief appearance was made by Boruto’s younger sister. But there was one little thing that the whole fandom has been speculating about, suggesting that she might be a Jinchuriki.

In Boruto TBV, Kishimoto reveals that Himawari has Tailed Beast abilities.

As a result, followers developed an intriguing idea positing that Himawari Uzumaki was actually the Sun Goddess. Let’s examine the hypothesis and the possibility that it will be implemented in the manga chapters of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.

According to a fan hypothesis for Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, Himawari Uzumaki might be harboring the Sun Goddess within her.

In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu Okami is another name for the Sun Goddess. When written in Kanji, the Japanese word “Okami” can also be interpreted as “wolf.” This constitutes a significant component of the Himawari Uzumaki theory.

The youthful shinobi appeared on one of the covers of the manga Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. She threw herself into a combat stance and extended her hand like a claw. One could see this as a mysterious link between Himawari and the Sun Goddess.

Himawari was also observed tending to a wolf. A wolf in the woodland caught her attention since it appeared frail and undernourished. The wolf’s jagged ears persuaded her to even name it Jaggy. This could be one more instance of Masashi Kishimoto’s possible foreshadowing. She also had some intriguing clothing on the manga chapter cover for Two Blue Vortex, which was previously discussed.

Goddess of the Sun in Boruto
Himawari as seen on the cover of Two Blue Vortex chapter 3 (Image via Shueisha/Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto)

An additional link to the Sun Goddess might be found in the shirt’s sunflower pattern. Naruto Uzumaki gained a sizable portion of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s chakra after he and his allies vanquished her. Before then, when Kaguya Otsutsuki ate the Chakra Fruit, she might have absorbed Shibai Otsutsuki’s essence.

It was theorized that both of their abilities might be inherited by Naruto and then by Himawari Uzumaki. This could explain why she managed to damage both Naruto and Kurama when she punched the latter, as well as why she woke up her Byakugan quite early.

The arrival of Himawari Uzumaki genuinely alarmed Daemon and his companions. He had an intuition that others did not. Several factors contribute to the belief held by admirers that Himawari embodies the Sun Goddess. Some, meanwhile, also think that this theory is a little bit unrealistic. Her possession of the Tailed Beast chakra is one thing that the manga will probably depict.

The reveal of the spoilers focused on Jura detecting Naruto’s approach to Konoha’s entrance. But it turned out that Himawari Uzumaki was indeed Naruto, not the person he had assumed. He was aware that Naruto, like him, was a Jinchuriki with a Tailed Beast chakra.

But as it happens, Himawari possesses the Tailed Beast chakra. We know that Jura is the physical embodiment of the Ten Tailed Beast chakra that attained consciousness. He also said that the nature of the Tailed Beast chakra was comparable to the chakra he possessed.


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