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Chronicles of Mother’s Day: Understanding its Multifaceted Celebration Dates Worldwide

StoriesChronicles of Mother's Day: Understanding its Multifaceted Celebration Dates Worldwide

Mother’s Day is a global event observed in many nations as a tribute to mothers. While some nations observe their holidays on the same day each year, other nations rotate their celebrations.

Mother’s Day is observed on March 21 in the United Arab Emirates, however it falls on today in the United Kingdom. Nigeria and Ireland are two other nations that will be celebrating on Sunday.

The holiday, which is always observed on the second Sunday in May, is observed later in the year in a number of nations, including the US and India. That day falls on May 12 this year.

When is Mother’s Day around the world?

Mother’s Day is observed at various periods throughout the year according to the holiday’s historical roots in each nation.

Greek mythology contains the earliest references to Mother’s Day, when Zeus’s mother, goddess Rhea, was celebrated in the spring. The majority of Middle Eastern nations observe the festival on March 21, which is also known as the spring equinox.

The UAE is included in this, along with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, and Yemen.

The origin of the modern custom of “Mothering Sunday” can be found in an ancient Christian celebration of the same name. It was originally meant to be a day to encourage people to return to their local or “mother” church for a special annual service. It is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

With the passage of time, the significance broadened to include honoring mothers and families in particular. By the 17th century, the religious significance had mostly disappeared, but giving mothers presents on this day had become commonplace.

In the UK and Ireland, the custom of honoring mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent has persisted. Additionally, Mother’s Day is often observed around March, however the exact date varies every year.

This is a modern holiday observed in the United States since 1914. The US observes the holiday on the second Sunday of May, and many other nations do the same. India, New Zealand, Australia, and Sri Lanka are included in this.

Mother’s Day was customarily observed on the first Monday in December in the Philippines. However, in accordance with US tradition, Filipinos have been celebrating the event on the second Sunday in May for the past few decades.

Many nations observe Mother’s Day on their own special days. One such nation is Thailand, where the holiday falls on August 12, which is also Queen Sirikit’s birthday.

Mothers Day is observed on December 22 in Indonesia, and all women are honored, not only mothers.

In May, French Mother’s Day is observed on the final Sunday of the month instead of the second. France is going to celebrate it on May 26 this year.

In Argentina, the third Sunday in October—which was formerly used to honor the Virgin Mary—is dedicated to celebrating mothers. The Second Vatican Council relocated that feast to January, but Mother’s Day in October is still observed nationwide.

Mother’s Day was first observed in Russia in the 1940s, and it is observed on the final Sunday of November.


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