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Darvin Ham Applauds Spencer Dinwiddie’s Consistency with the Lakers

SportsDarvin Ham Applauds Spencer Dinwiddie's Consistency with the Lakers

The lone player the Los Angeles Lakers acquired this year at the trade deadline was Spencer Dinwiddie, who was acquired via a buyout. For head coach Darvin Ham and the Lakers, getting Dinwiddie adjusted to the new environment this late in the season has undoubtedly been a process.

However, there’s no disputing that the Lakers have been successful with Dinwiddie on the court, despite the guard’s lackluster play since joining the team. Even though he only played a limited number of minutes per game and averaged about five points and four assists, his +56 plus-minus during those ten games is the greatest on the Lakers during that span.

Prior to the Lakers’ game on Wednesday night, Ham discussed how to bring Dinwiddie up to speed and gave an explanation of why the team has been so successful when he plays.

Ham remarked, “Spencer is just steady, man.” “He is a really intelligent player who asks all the right questions.” Just another player on the court who can create opportunities for himself or a teammate by spotting second- and third-side actions. On the replay from the last game, he made some really nice passes, and he’s still doing it.

We’re happy with what he is bringing as of right now, but it will grow better. Yes, he will undoubtedly have a few nights when he explodes offensively, but other than that, he has been reliable throughout the process of becoming adjusted, as most elite veterans do.

Spencer Dinwiddie Acknowledges Lakers’ Status as Targets for Opponents’ Best Efforts

Being from Los Angeles, Spencer Dinwiddie is well aware of the media circus and hoopla surrounding the Lakers. Playing for the club has taught him one thing, though: the Lakers get every team’s best shot, so they must always be extra-prepared and ready to play.


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