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Does Mike McCarthy’s Contract Impact Free Agency Moves?

SportsDoes Mike McCarthy's Contract Impact Free Agency Moves?

Does the fact that Mike McCarthy is entering his last year of contract have an impact on the Cowboys’ potential free agent decisions? Will they sign numerous players to long-term contracts when it’s possible they’ll have a new coaching staff in 2025 who will have fresh concepts for player schemes? In terms of free agency this year, I’m concerned the Cowboys are a little bit shackled.

Nick Harris:

I don’t believe that Mike McCarthy’s contract has any more of an impact on the approach to free agency than any other, such as the extension of Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb. By signing players to one-year contracts, the upcoming 2025 pay cap fiasco will be prevented from getting worse than it now seems to be. That scenario may happen with or without McCarthy. Is it better for 2025 if McCarthy does not come back so that a new coach can have a fresh start? Most likely, but I think the front office is acting as though McCarthy will be here and that reorganizing the club will be in part his task as well.


It’s uncertain if the Cowboys would turn down a signable free agent like Mike McCarthy simply because his contract is about to expire. A head coach must adjust to the players he has because players are players. However, if a free agency player has the option between signing with the Cowboys and a different team whose head coach has more stability, he may be less inclined to sign with the Cowboys knowing that the defensive coordinator and head coach are only on one-year contracts. That would be a more justified worry.


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