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Fact Check: Debunking Rumors of Union Flags at Half-Mast in the UK Amid Concerns for Kate and Charles

BlogFact Check: Debunking Rumors of Union Flags at Half-Mast in the UK Amid Concerns for Kate and Charles

Union Flags are allegedly flying at half mast outside UK government buildings, according to some posts made by X users. Days after her operation, this immediately raised concerns, with many people asking if Kate Middleton was okay. Numerous conspiracy theories have already been sparked by her disappearance from the public spotlight. A few others were concerned about King Charles III.

The Royal Family did not affirm anything to that effect. Conspiracy theorists, however, were quick to draw comparisons between Charles and Kate.

Many, though, refuted the rumors. Some said the photos were from Canada, while others asserted they date back to the period of Queen Elizabeth II’s death in 2022.

When is half-mast observed for the American flag?

The United States flag is flown at half-staff or half-mast solely during periods of national or state mourning. According to the USA gov website, the president, a state governor, or the mayor of the District of Columbia may order flags to fly at half staff.

A national catastrophe, Memorial Day, or another day of memory, or the loss of a government official, military person, or emergency first responder are the three events that are commemorated on the website with the American flag flying at half staff.

Is Kate Middleton OK?

The Princess of Wales’ pals told the U.K. Sunday Times that Kate is “devastated” by the ensuing controversy over her “edited” Mother’s Day portrait, particularly in light of the out-of-control rumors surrounding her health condition. They added that she may divulge information regarding her condition after having stomach surgery.

Kate’s surgery was made public by the palace in January. It was stated at the time that the princess wished her health-related private information to stay that way. “They (Kate and William) were confident that people would grant them the space they requested, which they did for approximately a month, so it’s not that they didn’t anticipate a lot of speculative interest and speculation,” a friend stated at the time.


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