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Google Doodle Honors Mother’s Day 2024: A Tribute to Maternal Love and Legacy

BlogGoogle Doodle Honors Mother's Day 2024: A Tribute to Maternal Love and Legacy

A doodle was created by Google Doodle today in honor of Mother’s Day in 2024. All of Ireland will be able to see this doodle. The doodle shows a mother sitting on a couch in a living room, reading to her little child. A dog and some plants enhance the backdrop scene where the word “Google” is etched.

Mother’s Day is a day to honor and commemorate one of the most important people in our lives: our moms. Motherhood and maternal ties are celebrated on Mother’s Day. In more than 40 nations worldwide, Mother’s Day is observed on various days. Usually, the second Sunday of May is when the holiday is observed. But other countries observe this day on different days; in some, it normally falls in the month of March or May.

On March 10, Ireland celebrates Mother’s Day. Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day celebrations:

  1. Attend family events and share meals as a family.
  2. Give your mother flowers, cards, jewelry, chocolate, clothes, accessories, cakes, or other gifts to show her how much you care.
  3. Take your mother out for a special day, or spend the day eating all of your meals together, to make it more special.
  4. Make your mother something special to eat.
  5. Give your mother a personalized poem or song and let her know how much you value her.

In the US, Canada, Australia, and India, it’s observed on the second Sunday in May. It’s three weeks prior to Easter Sunday in the United Kingdom. In Georgia, Samoa, Thailand, and Costa Rica, Mother’s Day is observed as a public holiday.


Mothers Day has its roots in the early 20th century, when American social activist Anna Jarvis pushed for a day to celebrate mothers and their contributions to society. As a result of Anna Jarvis’s successful effort, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day to be a public holiday in the US in 1914.

Significance of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day to show mothers and other mother figures our love, gratitude, and appreciation for all of their sacrifices, support, and unconditional love.


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