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Jeff Stelling responds live on talkSPORT to Everton’s “amazing” PSR scenario

SportsJeff Stelling responds live on talkSPORT to Everton's "amazing" PSR scenario

The legendary broadcaster Jeff Stelling wondered if there would inevitably be an appeal against the impending decisions, delaying the decision past the end of the season.

This is in line with the expectation that Forest will learn the result of their charge very soon, and Everton’s second charge will be discussed after that.

“Do you think it’s inevitable after what’s happened to Everton that, if they [Forest and Everton] are handed points deductions, they will appeal, which would mean no verdict before the end of the season?” Stelling said in a live chat on talkSPORT at 07:58.

“There’s no denying that it’s crazy, isn’t that?”

Jeff Stelling calls out the Premier League-Everton case as “bonkers.”

Stelling has previously voiced his confusion over the prospect of the PSR proceedings against Everton and Nottingham Forest, as well as the potential point deductions associated with those, not being resolved until after the season.

In his most recent ruling against the Premier League, Jeff Stelling called the Everton and Nottingham Forest profit and sustainability scenario “bonkers.”

It is crucial that they take their time because of the gravity and urgency of both decisions, but it would be absurd for them to be made after the final games have been played.

Since Everton was first charged, the renowned broadcaster has been vociferous and harsh in his condemnation of the Premier League, calling the choices “absolute madness” due to the turmoil they have caused at the club.

Point deductions might determine the winner of the Premier League relegation battle, which is becoming more and more competitive by the day. If these decisions are made after the final day of the season, there will probably be a strong backlash against them.


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