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Key Reasons Why the 49ers Should Re-Sign Javon Kinlaw

SportsKey Reasons Why the 49ers Should Re-Sign Javon Kinlaw

The San Francisco 49ers have an astounding 21 players scheduled to become unrestricted free agents.

Just a select few players will rejoin the 49ers, while others will either not be kept or sign better deals. Defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw is one of those free agents that the 49ers should absolutely re-sign.

In 2023, Javon Kinlaw had a stellar year in which he completed a full season for the first time. He did not let injuries get in the way of him even throughout training camp. It’s evident that Kinlaw has managed to lessen those wounds and is beginning to settle in. The 49ers ought to rely on Kinlaw’s “stride” in that regard.

I believe there’s a good chance Kinlaw will rise in 2024, so if he does, any contract they sign him to will seem like a good value. Considering that his arrow appears to be finally pointing upward, it’s worth a try to see whether he does. They know, at the absolute least, that they are bringing back a reliable player who provides them with the necessary pass rush and run defense.

Though the 49ers should make sure he doesn’t stay a free agent for too long, Javon Kinlaw is scheduled to become one.

Re-signing him won’t probably be expensive. A $3 million one-year contract with incentives should do the trick, and I have a feeling Kinlaw will want to return. It would be difficult for him to want to perhaps jeopardize that by heading somewhere else when he’s just starting to put it all together. So much sense would dictate an agreement with Kinlaw.

Maintaining as much continuity as possible on the defensive line should be another priority for the 49ers. There are a few players at the position who will be available as free agents. It might be prudent to return at least a few of them, Kinlaw included. Give him another year to prove himself, and see if he doesn’t become the player they thought he would when they drafted him four years ago.


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