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Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day by uplifting one another through a Swiftie Anthem

StoriesLet's celebrate International Women's Day by uplifting one another through a Swiftie Anthem

Inspire Inclusion is the campaign theme for International Women’s Day in 2024. Without a question, Singapore is a diverse society. The government and community’s collective action plans have been shaped in part by policies and discussions such the White Paper on Singapore’s Women Development towards a Fairer and More Inclusive Society.

Promoting diversity for women doesn’t begin at the top. It necessitates having an other-centered perspective. Women are more likely to be considerate of others when they feel motivated to be involved. And the tiny deeds of deliberate kindness are what will encourage inclusivity.

I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man.” ~ Taylor Swift 

In light of Taylor Swift’s 2019 Woman of the Decade honor from Billboard and as a fellow Swiftie, here are three motivational lyrics from her songs to embrace on this International Women’s Day:

Unsurprisingly, when Singapore’s first female President, Mdm Halimah Yacob, was sworn in in 2018, her dressing and wardrobe choices came under greater scrutiny. Quickly enough, she responded on Singapore’s progress on gender issues, having progressed a “great deal”, a significant percentage of female Members of Parliament (MP) here — “even higher than the general norm in the world”.  

Mdm Halimah has flown our Singapore flag high; being the first female head of state and from a minority community, she has shown the world that meritocracy and diversity are genuine as we embrace a caring and gracious society.

We frequently aim for success when moving up the corporate ladder. However, we must always remember to support one another’s success.

The reason for this is that leaders are not created; they are created by their leaders. My predecessor, who recognized my ability to assume leadership roles in my organization, deserves a great deal of credit for my accomplishments.

He recognized my requirements as a working mother, helped me develop as a leader, and praised our team’s successes.

Taking care of your female coworker is a small gesture of kindness in the office. Asking someone how they are doing with a simple “How are you?” can help start a conversation.

I was touched yesterday when one of my organization’s leaders—a male leader, to put things in perspective—found out that a few of his interns were going to Taylor Swift’s concert. He gave them handcrafted bracelets as parting presents during lunch. He urged them to aspire to be better versions of themselves in his thank-you note.

People stay motivated and involved at work when they personally recognize and value the team’s efforts. Since we spend a large portion of our waking lives at work, small acts of kindness show how much we genuinely value the team.

International Women’s Day is significant because it draws attention to the work that remains to be done while also celebrating the progress made toward gender equality. It spurs action in favor of women’s rights and involvement in all facets of life, acting as a catalyst for change. It is an opportunity to consider how countries may move closer to complete gender equality while also acknowledging the value of women in improving the world.

Let’s acknowledge that, one woman at a time, we are all extraordinary and have the ability to transform the world.

Never be so kind, you forget to be clever 
Never be so clever, you forget to be kind. 
Marjorie by Taylor Swift 


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