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Oscars 2024: John Cena’s Best Costume Award Presentation Sparks Speculation – New Photos Reveals the Reality

EntertainmentOscars 2024: John Cena's Best Costume Award Presentation Sparks Speculation - New Photos Reveals the Reality

John Cena, the legendary wrestler-turned-actor, stole the show and won people over even though he didn’t take home a trophy at the 96th Academy Awards. After delighting the crowd with his hilarious rendition of Merman Ken, Cena elevated his comedy skills when he presented the Best Costume Design award. He made the audacious and amusing decision to accept the award without donning any makeup at all in an attempt to highlight the importance of costumes in movies. The incident quickly gained popularity and quickly became viral on the internet. However,

Still unanswered is the crucial question: Was Cena really nude in public? We are, after all, here to expose the reality.

Backstage photos, provided by AFP, revealed Cena wearing a modesty pouch, which is frequently utilized during filming to protect an actor’s dignity during intimate sequences, dispelling the mystery. It was proof of Cena’s unwavering self-assurance and flawless comedic delivery that he was the real star of the evening.

An additional element of humor and intrigue to the evening’s entertainment came from a video clip that revealed the behind-the-scenes collaboration that swiftly put Cena into his golden toga while the stage was briefly dark.

For the uninitiated, Jimmy Kimmel’s mention of the notorious 1974 Oscars streaker episode involving David Niven marked a historic milestone during the 96th Academy Awards. John Cena’s hilarious arrival cut short this trip down memory lane as he stuck his head out and jokingly backed out of what appeared to be an attempt to recreate the streaking incident. Despite seeming annoyed, Kimmel joked, “You’re the worst,” giving Cena the winner’s envelope to use in an emergency.

The audience at Dolby Theatre burst out laughing, as Cena, with the envelope positioned very strategically, walked funny-man-style to the microphone. The scene abruptly changed to reveal Cena, now stylishly dressed in a handmade toga-style gown, courtesy to Kimmel and a few invisible helpers backstage, adding a whole new level of fun to the ceremony as the anticipation built with the contenders’ announcements under dim lights.

After removing the envelope prop, Cena gave Holly Waddington the Best Costume Design Oscar for “Poor Things,” creating a memorable Oscars moment in addition to the prize.


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