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Persian New Year is celebrated by the Iranian Student Association.

StoriesPersian New Year is celebrated by the Iranian Student Association.

On Saturday night, the HUB-Robeson Center’s Alumni Hall hosted a lavish celebration for Nowruz 1403, also known as the Persian New Year, organized by the Iranian Student Association.

A customary celebration is celebrated on Nowruz, which signifies the start of spring and the first day of the Iranian calendar. “Nowruz” literally translates to “New Day” because it is a mix of two Persian words: “now,” which means new, and “ruz,” which means day, according to the Iranian Student Association event page. Persian food and traditional dancing were served at the celebration.

The Iranian Student Association’s president, Aylin Mohammadzadeh, claims that due to schedule conflicts, the event was held on Saturday rather than Tuesday, the spring equinox.

The third-year graduate student studying chemical engineering, Mohammadzadeh, remarked, “We are students, and we have so many things on our dishes.”

According to Mohammadzadeh, dancing, particularly the “azari” dance, is her favorite aspect of Nowruz celebrations.

According to Leila and Sarah Rosala, their mother is from Iran, and they used to travel to see their grandma to celebrate Nowruz each year. They’ve never been to this event before.

Chaharshanbeh Suri is the starting point, where we jump over the fire,” explained Sarah Rosala, a first-year civil engineering student. “That is what comes before Nowruz, and it’s essentially a self-purification ritual to prepare you for the upcoming year.”

After Nowruz, there’s an annual celebration called Sizdah Be-dar, where people picnic outside, according to Sarah Rosala.

“Basically, you take wheat grass, tie a knot, and you make a wish,” explained Leila Rosala, a second-year public relations and psychology student. That seems to be my favorite because it serves as a sort of epilogue and you’re establishing the objectives for the upcoming year.

Leila Rosala considered going to the 1403 Nowruz gala to be a “big thing” for Nowruz, as opposed to her prior year’s celebrations, which consisted of FaceTime conversations with her family and exchanging treats with her roommates.

Zhenong Zhang and Jiaqi Ren arrived to assist Zhang’s friend, who was in charge of organizing the event.

Ren is a graduate student studying economics, and he commented, “It is impressive, it is so impressive.” “The food is delicious, and I can’t wait for the DJ portion.”

Zhang, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, remarked, “I love the food here.”


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