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Rick Ross Opens Up About Sharing Aftermath of Neighbor Tyreek Hill’s Florida Mansion Fire on Social Media

SportsRick Ross Opens Up About Sharing Aftermath of Neighbor Tyreek Hill's Florida Mansion Fire on Social Media

After his neighbor and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s Florida home was set on fire, Rick Ross came to Instagram to explain his choice to record the situation, which he then shared on social media.

Ross maintained that he never filmed members of the family when they were outside the house. He clarified that he wasn’t the one who “premiered the fire to the world” by pointing out that many helicopters, perhaps from news organizations, were flying overhead when he began filming.

“Tyreek Hill, I wasn’t picking on you, homie,” Rozay replied. “I wasn’t making fun of you in any way. I’ll start by assuming that you have excellent homeowners insurance, are wealthy, and plan to install new pillars, marble walls, and porcelain floors. Thus, there’s nothing to be critical of you about.”

The Miami Dolphins star wide receiver said he still doesn’t know the full story behind the blaze.

Following Hill’s criticism of him on The Pivot podcast, Ross responded.

At 46:22, Hill began, “First of all, I just wanna say, Rick Ross, bruh, I can’t vibe with you, I can’t fuck with you no more, bruh,” but was cut off when his grandparents called.

“Rick Ross, man, like, you ain’t even come over, you had the audacity to talk to a fireman, instead of—you got my number, bruh, you get on Twitter, posting me all over Twitter after what me and my family went through,” the thirty-year-old continued. “You’re supposed to be the neighbor, the neighborhood hero.”

Fred Taylor, a co-host of The Pivot podcast and a former NFL running back, resides in the same neighborhood as Rozay and Hill. He remembered seeing Ross filming the fire’s aftermath on his phone, and based on the smoke, he surmised that the fire was started by an electrical problem.

“And then he wanna say something about Wingstop on there,” Tyreek continued. “I ask myself, ‘What’s happening?'” Don’t try to elevate me via me.”

Hill claimed he still doesn’t know the whole story, despite the fact that the incident happened two months ago.

Fire authorities tell NBC News that they think a toddler playing with a lighter in a bedroom started the fire. No injuries were recorded. At the time, Hill was at the Dolphins’ facility.


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