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Ricky Martin Dishes on High Society Living in ‘Palm Royale,’ Exciting New Comedy Series

EntertainmentRicky Martin Dishes on High Society Living in 'Palm Royale,' Exciting New Comedy Series

He is referred as in America as the “king of Latin pop.” However, Ricky Martin, whose most well-known song, “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” is on the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, want to return to acting.

In addition, he is facing Oscar nominee Kristen Wiig at the age of 52 in the highly anticipated miniseries “Palm Royale,” which debuted on Apple TV+ on Wednesday.

“We engage in conflict with one another. We are at odds with one another. At the start of the show, we don’t get along. And I believe that’s because we’re so similar,” he stated in an NBC News video interview.

In the 1969 comedy-drama miniseries, Martin’s character Robert Diaz works as a bartender at a high society resort club in Palm Beach, Florida, and Wiig’s character Maxine Simmons is anxious to get in.

Carol Burnett, the Emmy-winning comedic veteran, and Oscar winners Allison Janney and Laura Dern for best supporting actress are also featured in the show.

According to Ricky Martin, Diaz shares Simmons’ desire to blend in. Even though Simmons was allowed to join the club “organically,” he is far more disruptive.

She simply wants to be direct and a little crude. and powerfully into this reality. Thus, there are a lot of conflicts in the start. Ricky Martin described his persona as follows: “But then, because I am sympathetic, I hold her hand and I bring her with me because I feel like she’s being abused and Robert has been abused in the past.”

From former President Donald Trump’s lavish private club and apartment to President John F. Kennedy’s winter White House, Palm Beach has historically been home to many of the wealthy and famous.

According to Martin, the miniseries serves as a mirror for the various forms of segregation that have split society throughout history.

“I believe that this is still a reality in many American and European clubs today, where only a very specific demographic is allowed entry,” he stated.

The affluent patrons of the posh Palm Beach resort will be juxtaposed for viewers with broader societal movements calling for reform.

In 1969, for instance, 250,000 protestors marched on the nation’s capital to oppose the Vietnam War after the Supreme Court ordered that school districts desegregate immediately.

Furthermore, “Palm Royale,” according to Martin, can serve as a reminder to viewers that in order to find happiness, people must leave their comfort zones and explore who they are “without wearing a mask.”

Martin is a music legend off-screen. Before attempting to become a worldwide musical phenomenon, the singer-turned-actor rose to fame at an early age as a member of the renowned Puerto Rican boy band Menudo.

Reflecting on his musical career, he remarked, “The wave of music was so powerful that I had no choice but to start surfing that wave, and the story speaks for itself.” “With music, we have been able to reach people all over the world.”

Martin hopes that his acting will have the same impact on American popular culture that his singing did.

He remarked, “I was fifteen years old the first time I had the chance to do television, to hear the term ‘action’ in front of the camera as an actor. “I then got the chance to perform in theater. I even went through an audition to get into the Tisch School of the Arts’ drama department at New York University.

More than ten years ago, Martin performed in the Broadway version of the popular musical “Evita.” He now hopes that “Palm Royale” will serve as a fresh springboard for a more extensive acting career.

Martin said, “At this point in my life, at this age, I needed to play a little more with emotions, but in this way, to tell stories that are not through music, stories of impact, that make viewers think, and that they go to bed with a little emotional homework to make them better people.”


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