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Texas A&M Sets Sights on Nebraska’s Trev Alberts for Athletic Director Role, Reports

SportsTexas A&M Sets Sights on Nebraska's Trev Alberts for Athletic Director Role, Reports

Numerous sources state that Texas A&M is interested in hiring Nebraska’s Trev Alberts to be its next athletic director.

According to an early Wednesday morning story from Hearst’s Houston Chronicle, Alberts “has emerged as Texas A&M’s target for athletic director.”

They said that Alberts is anticipated to accept the position.

Chris Kabourek, interim president of the University of Nebraska, stated in a statement that Alberts “has not informed” him that he has “accepted another position.”

The former athletic director of Texas A&M, Ross Bjork, left in January to accept a similar position at Ohio State.

After agreeing to an eight-year contract extension with Nebraska in November 2023, Alberts stated in a one-on-one interview with KETV’s Andy Kendeigh that he “didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

“I am appreciative, but it was crucial that it wasn’t something I was pressuring or that I begged for. I adore this location. Nebraska is a state that I adore. In November, Alberts declared, “I want to be here and nowhere else.

Under the terms of his new contract, Alberts’ base pay increased from $850,000 to $1.7 million year, with an additional $2.1 million due in 2026.

Retention incentives were also included in the new contract: a $500,000 bonus if he stays until September 2025 and a $300,000 bonus for each additional year after that. in addition to a $3 million incentive if Alberts fulfills the terms of the eight-year contract.

After being hired by Nebraska in 2021, Alberts oversaw the concept to reconstruct Memorial Stadium, hired Matt Rhule to coach Husker football, and assisted in organizing the state’s first-ever volleyball day.

He was included in a complaint in February brought by a former Nebraska women’s basketball player who claimed to have had an improper relationship with a former assistant coach.

The complaint accuses Alberts of “not advising staff that if the assistant coach had pursued a sexual relationship (with the plaintiff), then that was an abuse of power and ethics.” The ex-player also accuses Alberts of failing to launch a sexual relationship inquiry.


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