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The Jonas Brothers Delight Fans in Australia with Adorable Rendition of a Beloved Kids’ Song: ‘Oh, Biscuits’ Indeed!

EntertainmentThe Jonas Brothers Delight Fans in Australia with Adorable Rendition of a Beloved Kids' Song: 'Oh, Biscuits' Indeed!

How absurd! When The Jonas Brothers sang the classic Bluey theme tune during their Brisbane, Australia, gig, it broke our hearts. Fans who were not fortunate enough to witness the historic event were treated to an adorable video that was posted on Instagram.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, the band said, “We surprised our Brisbane fans with a special intermission entrance during the show 👀 😂.” During their Five Albums One Night Tour, the band sang the theme song for the best-ever kids’ show when they came back on stage after intermission (IYKYK). But instead of the children yelling “Mum!”, “Dad!”, “Bingo!”, and “Bluey!” in the Disney Channel program, the song calls out “Joe!”, “Nick!”, and “Kevin!” while their names are displayed in the Bluey typeface on a large screen. As Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas dance, blue lights flood the entire stage. “Jonas!” signals the song’s conclusion, and the audience cheers. You simply assumed that the song had been stuck in your mind earlier!

“When will @officialblueytv with Jonas Brothers be airing? 😂” The adorable video had a caption. I’m very excited about a Bluey/Jo Bros collaboration as a mom who has watched 5 million hours of Bluey with her kids—and occasionally even after they’ve gone to bed!

People adored this adorable video. One user wrote, “Tell me you’re dads without telling me you’re dads 😂🤍.” One person commented, “Of course they’re girl dads 🥹😭.”

Joff Bush, a blues composer, wrote, “This was amazing! The band was fantastic! Enjoyed the entire program. Well done! 👏 👏👏

Another user remarked, “The crossover we never asked for but definitely needed.”

We were all thinking the same thing until someone else voiced it: “Would you mind making this the opening to every tour you ever do? This is really amazing 😭💙. Really?

Bluey Love

The performers of “Waffle House” also released a unique animation opening with Bluey dancing to the theme tune as performed by the Jonas Brothers. Little images of Joe, Nick, and Kevin appear above Bluey’s head while she dances. This is adorable, as Bandit may say, “Oh, biscuits!”

They captioned the adorable video, saying, “The collab you never knew you needed 🩵.”

A video from the event and an image of the Terriers from the show wearing “I ❤️Kevin,” “I ❤️Nick,” and “I ❤️Joe” t-shirts were posted on the official Bluey Instagram page. It states, “Good things come in threes.”

Dad Life

Now, all three of the brothers are fathers. At a show in August, Joe—who is separated from Sophie Turner and has daughters Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1—helped a pregnant concertgoer reveal the gender of her unborn child.

Kevin, who is married to Danielle Jonas and has two daughters, Valentina, 7, and Alena, 9, loves to watch him play. He frequently takes his girls to concerts. Regarding her children’ affection for their father and uncles, Danielle told PEOPLE in November, “I think they’re just so proud of them.”

“And Valentina, my only child, is somewhat aware of what’s happening, but not really. Danielle went on, “So she gets nervous around them but gets really excited to see them up on stage.” She continues, asking, “So, do Uncle Joe [Jonas] and Uncle Nick [Jonas] love me?” And it seems like she’s saying, “Well, they’re mine,” since so many fans are yelling at them.

Nick and his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas have a 2-year-old daughter named Malti. Going on tour with children is “an adjustment,” he said in an August interview with Entertainment Tonight. However, it’s amazing and fascinating to find out. It will be incredible,” he continued.

They appear to have fully accepted their dad side these days. You adore witnessing it!


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