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Tyson Fury Shares Francis Ngannou’s Earnings from Their Fight: Asserts His Influence in the Match

SportsTyson Fury Shares Francis Ngannou's Earnings from Their Fight: Asserts His Influence in the Match

Francis Ngannou was called a “ungrateful f***er” by Tyson Fury when he revealed the money he won from their previous fight. For their heavyweight match in October, the UFC champion made the switch from the octagon to the ring. He knocked down Fury but lost by split decision.

A ongoing feud between the two men

Ngannou and Fury are still at odds even though they will be competing against Anthony Joshua next. During a furious prefight news conference, the two sparred, with Ngannou saying that he wanted to “wipe the ring” with Fury in accordance with boxing rules. Fury retaliated with more aggression, escalating the competition.

“All of his UFC career, he made about $1million,” Fury said.

“I made him – it was about $6m or $7m.

“So he should be grateful really – instead I’ve had to tell him off in front of a load of people.

“He’s having a lot to say on camera after I’ve given him his biggest payday by about a million times.

“I don’t know, just like he’s an ungrateful f***er.”

Ngannou warns Fury

Fans observed Fury’s response when Ngannou made combative comments, implying that the two fighters are still at odds.

“I’m going to wipe the ring with your a*** again – there was blood in the ring,” Ngannou said.

“The boxing ring is your last chance, so follow the rules carefully. You should keep five meters away from the ring when you step out because if I lose, my friend, you’re going to have a terrible time.

“Respect the fact boxing rules are protecting you, because you are nothing in front of me.

“I’ll beat you every day, twice on Sunday.”


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