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What are Blue Dragons? Texas Beaches warning issued as rare creatures wash ashore 

StoriesWhat are Blue Dragons? Texas Beaches warning issued as rare creatures wash ashore 

According to wildlife officials, a blue dragon sting can be quite painful. On beaches in the Gulf of Mexico, strange-looking animals are washing up by the thousands, but wildlife officials are cautioning people not to touch them.

Blue dragons are creatures that resemble extraterrestrials. They are being likened to Pokemon characters by some.

According to wildlife officials, their sting can endure for up to an hour and is unbearably unpleasant. Moreover, nausea and vomiting are possible side effects of a sting. As spring breakers flock to Texas beaches, the warning is issued.

In Australia on Wednesday, a marine biology student was stung by a blue dragon. It is the most excruciating experience imaginable. Inside Edition as told by Julian Obayd, “It feels like knives sticking into you.”

Obayd was covered with several sting marks.

A unique kind of mollusk that floats on the ocean’s surface are called blue dragons. Their length is approximately one inch, and they consume the poisons found in Portuguese man-o-war.

Humans are stung by blue dragons when they are afraid.

“Do not touch one of these if you happen to encounter one washing up on the beach over spring break in the next several weeks. Inside Edition is told by marine biologist Jace Tunnell of Harte Research Institute, “Take pictures, admire it from a distance, but do not touch.”


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